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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sister Munch EP release feat. WWIX and Necrotic Society

Sister Munch is the band I photographed the most in 2017, I went to a lot of their hometown shows and also toured with them out to the midwest which obviously, was friggen one of the best things I did in 2017. They are good friends and I love them, plus they are a damn good band that never disappoints when I see them. These are the pics from their last show of the year a few weeks back, which was also the release show for their new EP "Death Breath" which you can check it out on Spotify. Or better yet, DL it from their Bandcamp before 1/16/18 and they'll donate the proceeds to New Alternatives an organization dedicated to homeless LGBTQ youth in NYC. Sounds like a win win to me!

Skip this if you're not a photo nerd...

So "writer's block" for photographers is a real thing which I guess I shouldn't be surprised by but I am. I say that because I've never experienced it before but the past like 2 months or so I've been shooting quite a lot actually, but feel really blocked none-the-less, which is why I have not updated this at all. I've just felt everything I've been doing hasn't been up to par so I've put myself in a rut. I know intellectually that that is not true, that my work is not shit, but emotionally it does feel true (I get really emotional about my work both as a photographer and when I do mixed media stuff haha #emo)

I overthink it all and then want to scrap everything thinking it's not good enough. I also question my skill level and get angry at myself for taking 12 years off, a time in which software and stuff drastically changed so I'm still playing catchup and frustrated by things I don't yet have mastered. But I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading, so I have made some lists of exercises to work on both shooting wise and in the software realm (and started to check things off).

Most of the shooting exercises not related to music photography btw because I think that will help me more in the long run because especially the last year or so, I've tended to do mostly just live bands and I'm not exploring anything else as much as I should be which isn't helping my predicament I'm sure. I absolutely LOVE being at a show with a camera, I always have and always will, but I need to be working on other things too. It's been too long since I have concentrated on random things or abstract work, setting up table tops at home with objects and such and I really miss that.

All artists go through this no matter what our chosen medium is and work through it as well so I'm sure I will too. My friends etc have been supportive and reassuring which is good. I've been getting hired for some things (hire me more people, hire me more!) too which obviously is a good thing. I just need to do what I love, shoot as much as I can and never stop pushing for better. When I was in college I barely ever put my camera down and that's what I think I need now.

This block is why I have yet to have a more formal website. This is better than nothing and it'll do for now but I am going to get out of this rut, stop wasting time, and get to it. So stay tuned!


I have been seriously all about black and white lately which will be obvious once you take a look at the pics haha. I have been thinking a lot back to the black and white epic punk albums/photo spreads within them which opened my eyes to a whole other world out there. I loved getting new records/cds back in the 90s because it was sometimes my only look at these bands cuz it was years before social media and most magazines didn't cover what I wanted to read about (why I started writing zines and taking pics myself in the first place) So I really think I've been feeling a real b/w vibe lately to kind of mirror that aesthetically of the classic heyday of punk and hardcore in the 80s into the 90s.

I saw the documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk a few months ago and thru that also discovered the early work of Murray Bowles and he really captured some remarkable images from the early days of 924 Gilman including Operation Ivy and very, very early Green Day. The rawness of Glen E. Friedman too (I have loved him for many years though I do know he uses/used both color and b/w)  That spirit I think has been hanging out with me as I approach shooting shows lately which is cool.


To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pics and use your arrow keys.


Necrotic Society is a band I am really growing to love shooting, and I obviously love their music (we share a rehearsal space as well, keep it in the punk family!) Though I'm still working on capturing their drummer JR. Some drummers I have good luck with, others not so much haha. She has proven to be elusive thus far, but I most definitely WILL get that shot! That chase is what I live for afterall ;)

WWIX was up next and talk about a great band to photograph. These guys are so much fun and are pretty much some of the most irreverent punx out there which is a nice change sometimes when the world feels like it's going to fucking shit. They make my life so easy when I'm shooting, though then I have a harder time reigning myself in during the edit! Such is life. Anyway, I can't get enough of their shows and def hope to get to play with them finally in 2018. They've got a bunch of music on Spotify so I suggest you grab a beer (or a Coca-Cola if you're like me) and get to blasting that shit.

The cutest punx in NYC right here people!

I've already sang Sister Munch's praises but for real. DL their music and support them when they play live. Their next show is 1/27 at The Gutter in Greenpoint so point yourselves there, you won't regret it. More info here


Stay tuned, I have a fuck ton more photos from shows that I've shot recently. Will post at least some of them and perhaps some of the portraits and rando-ness I have been doing too though those posts don't even get half the views the band ones do! Come on you punx, you can look at other shit too hahaha


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Punk Rock Oasis with Electro Insides, Sister Munch, Nihiloceros, and Cutters

This show was a few weeks back on 10/24 at Alphaville. It was a little punk oasis in a week that was crazy for me prepping for the cover show I hosted/played on 10/28 and getting ready to leave for a 3 week tour immediately afterwards, where I still am. In the back of a tour van that is haha. As it turns out, finding time and an easy place to edit pics on the road, and WiFi access to post things isn't an easy task so it took me a bit. It was making me anxious to get these out in the world because I was pretty stoked about them and all of these bands so here they finally are! Lots of rad bands and pals on this show, you should check all of these bands out and add em to your playlists if you know what's good for ya!

Skip this next part if you're not a photo/gear nerd like me.....

Tech rambles.....

I've been shooting shows lately 50/50 long exposure and sans flash or something close to that ratio haha. I will always prefer long exposure with tight grain/sharper depth of field, but want to get a better feel for shooting with a wide open aperture with ambient light cuz it is a bit of a different process and you get very different results. You definitely need to read the room/space differently and adapt to the light you have to work with in a different way so I've been practicing as much as I can. I shot this show entirely with my 50mm lens as well which was a change up for me. I usually use a wider angle zoom lens but wanted to test it out with a prime lens for a change. I'd like to get a wider prime lens because the 50 was a bit tighter than I wanted at times, but I still feel good about the shots I got. In my film days, I used prime lenses for medium and large format but tended to favor zooms for small format and it's been nice pushing myself a bit more only sticking to one focal length.

For the long exposure shots, I also tried the pop-up flash as opposed to my speedlight....the speedlight does diffuse the light waaaay better but it can be bulky and makes it an extra step to deal with switching back and forth from flash/not flash and with batteries which generally is a pain. For small DIY venues like this, the pop up does work well and helps me move/react faster. The space isn't big enough to swallow up the light it's throwing either. Plus my autofocus system + the speedlight reacts slower too which SUCKS...I'm working on a solution for that but it might require an expensive new speedlight ugh. And yes purists, I use autofocus hahaha my eyes are too bad anymore and more so in low light. I paid my dues shooting shows with an all manual 35mm camera for years where the only bell or whistle I had was a light meter so I feel fine about it hahaha.

On the current tour I've been on I've been starting to experiment with using my iPhone more which....for a while I was like HELL NO but I'm def seeing that might have been a wrong assessment and am changing my tune....more on that maybe in a later post....


Okay onward to the pics! I just want to say I'm a little obsessed with the purple/blue/magenta lights in these pics and really am looking forward to getting back to Alphaville to shoot more shows (it was my first time there)

To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pics and use your arrow keys.

Electro Insides kicked off the night and I was really excited to see them. A little backstory....anyone who organizes a lot of shows can get stuck a bit in a loop of booking the same people a lot and I had definitely found myself in that place in late 2016, so earlier this year I went on a search for new bands I hadn't heard yet which also served as a scouting mission of sorts for new talent for Punk Island. I did this by going through show flyers for bands I did already know and writing down a list of about 50-60 bands that I had never heard of. I went through the whole list (I really did!) and listened to all of them. Some were eh and some sucked haha some were good and some I just really liked a lot. Electro Insides was one of the ones I really dug a ton. I downloaded their music and then immediately contacted them to play a PI benefit. I didn't hear back from them (which I later found out was cuz their email was locked or something and no one saw my message) which was a bummer and I missed a few shows they were playing because of other shit going on or finding out too late.

Flash ahead to about 6 months later I met their bassist Vanessa speaking on a panel of women in music. I, of course, gushed about how much I loved the band, said I'd def make sure to make it a priority to get out to a show and that they should def submit to Punk Island because I was very interested in having them be a part of the fest. Then this show came up and I was like FINALLY! They put on a great and energetic show and I was so glad to have finally seen them....then I learned that was their last show! I was bummed by that and that they won't be making new music, but that's the way it goes sometimes haha life and shit. But I am really glad I didn't miss this and I was able to get some pics of them. They have 3 EPs on Bandcamp which you can get right HERE and I highly recommend you get on that!

I've been obsessively chasing drummer shots for a few months and I just love this one so much hahahaha. That devilish grin!

Sister Munch is a band I have shot A LOT in the last year and even toured with, but it still doesn't get old for me cuz I love them! It's a treat as a photographer really getting to know a band's moves and their visual style which is helpful when I'm working with different gear and practicing techniques I am not as comfortable with, which as I mentioned before that I've been trying to do lately. They debuted a bunch of new songs which are fucking KILLER and will be on their upcoming EP "Death Breath" [release show 12/16 at Muchmore's info HERE you know I'll be there with camera in hand hahaha I like shooting at Muchmore's aside from am stoked for the bands playing too, duh] In the meantime, you should head to their Bandcamp and pre-game with their 2 other EPs, you won't be sorry

Nihiloceros were fresh off of a tour up through New England to Canada but they still had a ton of energy at the show. I have seen them before but had yet to get pics of them; they are a music photographers dream, really energetic and fun on stage. Their singer Mike is always out at shows and taking pics of bands too, you can tell he really loves and supports the scene (he got some rad shots of Lady Biz at Punk Island this year, thanks Mike!) which makes me like them even more cuz while there are tons of bands out there, not as many as you would think truly love and support tons of bands besides their own (ugh) so these guys are a breath of fresh air. They have brand new EP that just came out so you should point your internet right at it and take a listen!

CUTTERS closed out the night and are a band that is soooo intense live. 110% every time I've seen them, they are a joy to watch and photograph. I just love their bio on FB too, it's so damn true:

Survival is hard. You’ve got to do something to survive.
CUTTERS was born out of that idea. The idea that you’re more than the chunks of you that life poisons. The idea that the only way to reclaim some small semblance of yourself is to actually
d o s o m e t h i n g.
Because we want to survive.
It’s why we pack ourselves into vans and travel to strangers basements. It’s why we spend our last few dollars on someone else rather than ourselves. Punk rock is about caring, for other people, other places, other spaces and every road in between because we’re all in it for the same damn thing. We’re all longing for a sense of belonging. A reminder that we aren’t alone. We’re all just trying not to die.
So come on.
Get up. Get out. Get psyched.
There’s a basement waiting.
You might fall in love tonight.


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Friday, November 3, 2017

Lady Bizness Mini Tour

First up, a few quick highlights from Lady Bizness' EP release show which was at Bushwick Public House on Fri 10/6. Pics are by our good friend (and bassist of our Bikini Kill alter ego cover band) Nikki Krivanek. Our new EP "We Don't Work For You"  is available now at that link so get on DLing it if you haven't already! :D :D :D

Next are shots from our mini tour to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati from 10/12-10/14/17. We got invited to play at LadyFest Cincinnati and then built a lil weekender around it. It's not always easy for us to get out of NYC with work and life and all that, but when we can, we really savor it! It was Emily's 30th bday weekend and we played some killer shows so we just had the best time :D We logged 1,500miles on the trip and here are pics I took along the way of some of the bands we played with and rando stuff I did with my iPhone too.

To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pic and use your arrow keys.

Night 1- Philadelphia, The Pharmacy.

 Life Uniform- Hazy makeout music from Philly. This is my dear friend Sam's band. We have known each other for years and have tons of memories of good times and bad (not between us, but a really rough time in my life she was there for me for 100% and was amazing ) Of course we haven't seen each other in a while and what did we NOT do? Take a pic together! But it's okay, just an excuse to visit again and play more shows :D <3 a="" an="" and="" another="" but="" course="" did="" didn="" excuse="" finally="" for="" glad="" had="" hahaha="" i="" just="" m="" more="" nbsp="" never="" of="" p="" pic="" played="" seriously="" she="" show="" shows="" t="" take="" together.="" together="" very="" visit="" we="" wtf="" yet="">

Drugs & Attics- they were also on tour  (I want to say from Kansas City?) and are "the new premier party drug rock band that's not for your parents" these guys were super friendly and had tons of energy on stage. They had played with friends of ours in BK the night before which was cool chatting about mutual friends and stuff.

Dunning Kruger- Sloppy heavy punk from Philly. I initially saw these guys back in June when I was touring with Sister Munch and loved them so I was really excited to get to play with them in the Biz! This is so what I love, this style of punk, and the guys are super nice too, really am hoping to get them up to NYC sometime! I also get a huge kick out of a song they have called "Sex Funeral" hahaha. I finally got a shirt of theirs that fits too (I got one in June to make into patch) which I am looking forward to repping.

Oh and here we are! Pic by Ivan of Dunning Kruger

I really liked shooting in this venue, the light was just really well suited for some nice contrasty and saturated long exposure gems which you all know are my jam. Shooting LE shots of a band like Dunning Kruger, I love the way the energy translates with the slight edge of frenzy in the streaks of color and light. I also liked the shape of the ceiling which gave a type of tunnel effect, almost a little like a wide angle (well wider than I was really shooting at) which is making me REALLY want to get a fisheye lens and go off the wall with it hahahaha. Let's see about that hahaha

True story, we played at this venue as a two piece in the summer of 2014 and the cops shut us down in the middle of our set. And no one was there except Sam and Larry of Life Uniform (because they are so rad) so I'm happy to say this was a way more fun show that didn't get shut down haha and a bunch of cool folks were there.

Night 2- Pittsburgh, Howlers

I had been told by touring friends they never had much luck booking in Pittsburgh and that I'd have a hard time finding a show. I poked around a bit and didn't have luck at first, but then I hit up some bands and the very first one was able to point us in the direction of this show. So BIG THANKS to Jen (of Aloe) for connecting us to Jenn (from The Park Plan) who was organizing this show. They were SO helpful and rad getting us on this show right away. Seriously the easiest out of town show I've ever booked. And they were amazing hosts, promoted the show well, brought out a crowd, and just really were so great. Come to NYC pleeeeease so we can return the favor!

The Park Plan- play riff-laden, socially-conscious, melodic power pop. We were so happy to play with them and like I said before, they were wonderful hosts who really made us feel welcome. It was great hanging out after and nerding out on gear and riot grrrl memories too, I can never get enough of that. They also ripped an amazing cover of "I Wanna Be Yr Joey Ramone" which of course made our hearts swell!

Aloenoiserock/postpunk from Pittsburgh with a slight mysterious edge. I think Aloe and Park Plan should do a mini tour to NYC (hint hint if you're reading this!)

I was a little all over the place style-wise shooting this show. Did some without flash, some flash "regular" exposure and some long exposure. I ended up scrapping the LE stuff because it didn't work as well in this venue with this lighting but I'm happy with the rest of the stuff I got.

These 2 pics by Steph from The Lopez 

These 2 pics by Simon 

Gas station post show, pre slumber party mirror selfie!

I was a dork (because of course I was!) and all excited about the yellow bridges there. Apparently there are many bridges in that city (with all the rivers, makes sense) and a bunch of them are yellow, but I still need to read up more as to why that is. I def liked the town a lot, and even being there a short time, I got a good vibe. I want to go back and explore for real and learn more of its history because if you didn't know, huge history/transportation infrastructure nerd right here! My mom and I are already planning a road trip in the spring so she can take me to her hometown of Rochester, NY and some other places and we want to incorporate Pittsburgh into it (not that those places are super close to each other haha)

A few things I learned/was surprised at:

1. The drivers there are like SUPER considerate. We sat at an intersection for 15minutes before we got through (not even exaggerating) and NO ONE yelled or honked. I was imagining the same scene in NYC and pictured the carnage/rage in my head! hahahaha
2. You can still smoke in bars there. Not a fan of that! Luckily the stage area was no smoking but I was like DYING when we were loading in and out. Soooo not used to that anymore
3. Restaurants apparently put fries on salads, that was a fun and welcome surprise haha

We also got a very awesome surprise visitor- Simon, one of Krystal's old friends, came all the way from Antarctica to see us! Welllll sort of haha he was on leave from his job down there and actually drove from Boston but still, that's not exactly close and it was so awesome of him to do that!

Day/Night 3- Columbus and then on to LadyFest Cincinnati

We stopped in Columbus along the way to get tattoos. We had tried to get Friday the 13th ones the day before but the lines were sooooo long that we couldn't stay :/ We really had our hearts set on them though AND it was Emily's 30th bday, and what better way to celebrate than with tattoos?!? We did a lil internet research and since we had to stop in Columbus the next day to hit the vegan bakery for Emily's cake anyway, we found a place that could take us on as walk-ins, Short North Tattoo. We each got something special- Emily got a rat aka Ratty!, Krystal got a cute lipstick tube, and I got a camera (which I'd been wanting for years) You can't have a punk party weekend/tour without tattoos, duh!

They also had a ton of art on the wall and some of it in particular really commanded my attention, mostly pieces by mixed media artist Brent Elam. Obviously, I connected with the in-your-face presentation and anti Trump subject matter, and loved the juxtaposition of the tattoo art and culture, but as a collage and mixed media artist myself, I just was captivated with how the pieces were constructed (the top piece was made of an old Operation game board, he had more in that series as well) and the really vibrant, high contrast colors. I love the process of building a collage and this really inspired me to get to work on more stuff when I get off the road. I just wish I also happened to be as accomplished a painter as he is too but I am not in the slightest haha. I also wish I had had some extra cash on hand to make a purchase of a piece but hopefully in the future. 

Then onward to Cincinnati....

I was so excited to play this, I went to the original LadyFest that happened in the summer of 2000 in Olympia, WA and had never gotten the chance to play one in all the years since. The only downside was I had been trying to fight off a cold since we left NYC and it was really bringing me down by time we got to the venue :/ so I mostly chilled til we played to save my energy for our set. I didn't really take any pics other than when Lung played to close out the night. They fucking killlllled it of course and I am just so inspired every time I see them play or listen to them, they are beyond talented!

Even though I was feeling crappy and trying to rest, I couldn't stay too far away so I saw a few other bands that I dug Social Divorce (who I just read are calling it quits, bummer!) Soften, Dream Tiger, and Tina Panic Noise. They all ranged really widely in style, which is the thing I really love about a fest like this. I have a wide range of tastes too and it's a great way to discover new talent right in front of your face rather than online. There were so many bands playing the fest over the 2 days and multiple venues, so it would have been impossible to see everyone, but I was so happy to play and see the bands I got to see.

Getting some rest/setting up. Pic by Krystal

The Cinci crowd was THE BEST and they danced all the way through our set. So supportive and cool, very different from the jadedness of NYC that's for sure! It's amazing to see DIY still thriving after all these years and especially in other places because the scenes tend to be smaller, but ultimately more supportive than NYC. And the hosts of LadyFest, WOW what amazing humans! They all work so hard to foster this DIY scene and made us feel really welcome and at home. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for asking us to be a part of this wonderful and meaningful event <3 nbsp="" p="">
There are no pics of us playing (that we know of) at this show, just a short video on our Instagram. Even though it's only about 10 seconds long, it really captured the awesome crowd and it's of us playing a newer song so you can get a snippet of that :D If anyone has any pics or vids of us we'd love to see them so let us know!

Pics of Lung....

If you're not listening to Lung then you are seriously missing out. Seeing them in their hometown was amazing and the energy was so high in the room. I've seen them twice in NYC and they just blew me away the first time, then I was lucky enough to book them back in April. Lucky for all of you, they'll be coming back to BK on Monday 11/13 at Cobra Club, I will still be on the road so I'm sad to miss them BUT you should go see them in my place!

I had to bring my spirit Pez guide Leia on the road with me hahaha

My ethos in life hahaha I saw this in a coffee shop in Pittsburgh but they were sadly out of them so this pic had to do.

Our tour vehicle hahaha

No post show ritual is complete without a delicious vegan pizza party!!!

We only stay in the classiest, most fancy places! (Our hotel room was given away on Sat night uggggghhhhh but we were able to find another one relatively quickly thankfully)


All photos copyright Kate Hoos (photos/art not by me copyright the creators of those) If you use these for social media, cool, but give me a credit plz and a link. For all other uses, or hi-res versions of any of these photos for print usage etc, or if you need a photog for an event or band portraits, drop me a line for info/rates :D