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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Downtown Boys at Market Hotel

Downtown Boys came to NYC last weekend to play 3 sold out shows with Mitski at Brooklyn Steel and also found time to stop by Market Hotel on Friday night after their BK Steel show to play a benefit for New York Abortion Access Fund. I had to work until 10pm so I missed a good portion of the show sadly which meant not getting to see Ohyung or Material Support but I got there as soon as I could and saw the very end of Choked Up's set. Downtown Boys hit the stage last and gave a blistering and intense set; their energy was so high, you'd never know they had ripped another set just a few hours earlier. Franklin from Algiers (who played with DTB earlier in the week) also joined them onstage for a raging rendition of "Monstro" which was an awesome surprise. The audience and the band melded at times, with the crowd on the stage and the band in the crowd at several points throughout.

With abortion rights and access to reproductive care under constant attack, it is so vital that these organizations exist and thrive so cheers to all of these bands who donated their time and talent to help give back to the community (if you missed the show and would like to donate, click on the link above) This is so important, now more than ever, because we can never rest for a moment and let the Trumpster trash gain even an inch in this fight. Also very fittingly, the death of George HW Bush was announced in the middle of the show. Bush being a man who, along with his right wing cronies, fought for years to restrict access to abortion so good fucking riddance to that asshole!

This night definitely served as a reminder to me that in dark times, sometimes a rager punk show is just what you need to give you hope and keep you going for another day...  <3 p="">


My pics and write up from Monday 11/26/18 when DTB played at the always wonderful DIY oasis Willimantic Records can be found right here at Impose Magazine. 

Choked Up has a show this Saturday 12/8 at Cobra Club in BK. Details HERE.
Material Support is playing a benefit for Punk Island on Friday 1/4/19 at Sunnyvale. Details HERE.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fealty | Decisions | Septic Rot @ Heck

Decision @ Heck 2.3.18

I've been a busy punk this past month or so, thusly the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. I have been shooting a lot, some live shows and some portrait sessions as well as personal work. Oh and tons of street art, but that's every day for me haha (you can see that on my Instagram. Maybe one day I'll do a blog post for more of it tho cuz I take TONS of street art pics, way more than I ever post!)  I've just keeping myself busy and continuing to push myself and work past the rut I was feeling late in 2017. I'll prob do some "odds & ends" posts to get up some of the shows I've done recently that I just haven't had time to post from as well and maybe even some of the portraits and such too, we shall see! As always, if you're interested in collabing, holler at me if you wanna hire me to shoot, I'd love to work with you on a project!

Anyway, this show was at HECK, a DIY house/basement venue in BK. It had a rad vibe and was a really intense show, bordering on chaos (in a good way) by time it wrapped up. There is nothing I love more than a frenzied house show cuz I really love feeding off of the energy/being on the floor w the bands and audience at the same time. They sometimes aren't the easiest to shoot in that I'm constantly moving/usually dodging people haha but it makes it all the better when I'm landing shots I feel excited about so I'd prefer them most of the time to just standing there leisurely snapping away hahaha. Anyway, all of these bands are so worth your time/ears/money so please go out and support them and any/all DIY venues to keep this underground community and culture alive in this increasingly fucked up toxic world we live in. Alright onward to the pics.....

To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pics and use your arrow keys


Fealty kicked things off for the night; they are a band I have been listening to a lot lately and you should do the same! I love the fierce dual back and forth vocals and their fuzzy sound. At this show there was only one mic so it made for an interesting time for them with the dual vocals haha but they seemed to manage okay. They played a Punk Island benefit back in January too so those are the few black and whites I tacked on here too haha. Their next show is 3/9 also at Heck (ask a punk for the address btw) you should be there! I just found out I have to work that night so please go in my place haha.

Decisions was up next and HOLY.FUCKING.SHIT. the crowd was in a non-stop frenzy from start to finish. Their set was fiery and sooooo good. I hadn't heard of this band before seeing their name on the event page so I went to give them a listen and was blown away by their demo. It is a lo-fi, fuzzy punk gem and one of my favorite things I have discovered lately, I seriously can't stop listening to it. Shooting them was so much fun though I couldn't really get in front of them because of the surging crowd (not feeling like getting myself or my camera mashed up) but I still feel good about what I did get from the sides, def not complaining there!

I'm not sure when they're playing again, they don't appear to have social media, but I'm keeping an eye on their Bandcamp to see if anything pops up because I def would love to see them again.

Septic Rot ended the night and shit really got to a frenzied state by time their set was done. It was my first time seeing them, they are def HEAVY and grindy/thrashy which is admittedly outside of what I usually listen to so I'm not super familiar with the genre as a whole haha. But you know me, always happy to check new shit out. They played a blistering set and did not disappoint my un-initiated ears at all haha. I am looking forward to seeing them again, and their demo is fucking ace, so you should def get on giving it a listen.

(and some punk trivia haha they also happen to share a member with Ellen & the Degenerates)


That's all folks!


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