Monday, November 2, 2020


Hardcore Halloween


On a chilly Saturday, that also happened to be Halloween, Rebelmatic continued with the afternoon outdoor matinees they've been hosting in Bushwick the last several weeks. It's hard to feel good about anything these days, but that's what makes DIY punk and hardcore what it is, and so special, because if only for a few hours, it can make you feel like you're on top of the world....and we all need healing energy right now. Fear Is Dead and my dear friends Enziguri (who have a brand new video out which you should watch HERE) rounded out the lineup and everyone brought a high intensity urgency to the day. Unfortunately half way through Rebelmatic's set the ACAB's showed up and shut things down. It was a bummer but at least they didn't show up sooner and Rebelmatic was able to get through at least half their songs.

From a photographic perspective the lighting was a challenge with the shadows coming out a lot sooner and affecting my shots, but honestly, it was good for me to problem solve and stretch the brain out to decide how best to tackle it to get the images I wanted. I've been shooting so infrequently so the brain gets a little soft and I really relish when a little obstacle comes up so I can work through it to get where I want. I opted to use fill flash (which for non-photographers, I know it seems counter intuitive to shoot in daylight with a flash, but it can really help at times of tricky/shifting lighting) which made all the difference for me and I'm happy with how things came out. I've photographed Enziguri several times now and these are def among my favorite pics I've gotten of them. But you didn't come here for photo nerd techy stuff so I will stop while I'm ahead, ha!

Please continue to stay SAFE and if you're going to see bands or performing yourself, do it outdoors and MASKS UP for everyone not on stage. DIY can and always does find ways to survive be it this way or through livestreams, etc so make sure you're still showing up to support it in these really hard times and being smart when you do. As a reminder, Bandcamp day is coming up on Friday November 6th, so if you have some dollars to spare, throw em at these bands or some other DIY bands of your choice. WE are what makes this survive, WE are what makes this thrive. Do your part! 


ENZIGURI-  Bronx hardcore


FEAR IS DEAD- heavy AF mutant music 


REBELMATIC- sounds like James Brown in a moshpit



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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Maafa | Outernational | Rebelmatic @ ???


Like so many other folks who love live music and thrive off of it, I have been SERIOUSLY hurting during the last several months. While I also make the majority of my living from live music as well, and I love my job and miss it so much and want to go back like NOW, it's honestly been the lack of emotional outlet and missing the sense of community particularly in the DIY scene that has hurt me the most. Both from performing myself and the energy of watching others perform as well. It had been 7 months since I'd been out to a show, obviously there haven't been many and while I have watched some livestreams, it's never the same. I had been feeling really, really, REALLY depressed the last 2 months or so and while I was trying my best to push back against it, I was still struggling. So when I found out about this event from my friend Ellen the morning of (she is also an awesome photographer and you should check out her work  ASAP) I was unsure at first because my depressed brain was trying to trick me into staying home but then I had some real self talk and said "you know what? you need to get out and see folks and you already love Maafa and Rebelmatic so GET OUT OF BED AND GO" And after checking that it was indeed outdoors and masks were required, that's exactly what I did.

It was so wonderful to be witnessing live music again and to be amongst friends who I have missed dearly. Everyone took safety seriously and gave each other plenty of space, with masks up the whole time. This is what I love about DIY, when we continue to take care of each other and find ways to thrive, even in the hardest of times. Be it a livestream (again, while not my favorite, I'm happy artists can still have an outlet that way) or a front porch jam or a small sidewalk show, DIY punk always finds a way. My mood and spirits immediately improved during and after the show and I'm still feeling a high and the amazing vibes 2 days later. It felt soooooo good to have my camera back in my hands and the push and pull I feel with the band while  I'm shooting. I didn't realize how much I needed that until I was standing there in the moment. Anyway, enough from me, scroll down and take a look at the pics and PLEASE support all of these artists, now more than ever! 

(I list the location as ??? as it was ASK A PUNK and I'm not blowing anyone's spot up. Also anyone considering doing an event like this, just make sure you're taking safety into consideration like these folks did. Rushing into a huge event at this time or any more than 2-3 bands is not the way to go, but done right and safely- outdoors with mask requirement and at a smaller scale- these shows can be a positive outlet and place to check back in with our hearts, minds, and community)


MAAFA- Afro Progressive Hardcore- Hardcore punk meets the sound of the Rhythms of the African Diaspora 


OUTERNATIONAL- Future Rock Music 


REBELMATIC- Sounds like James Brown in a Mosh Pit

If you missed this show, it's okay because you're in luck because Rebelmatic just happens to have an amazing new album out "Ghost In the Shadows" (seems to be on Spotify but not Bandcamp. Either way, get it in your ears ASAP)

For a recent interview on The Photo Ladies with Flora Lucini (Maafa) and Creature (Rebelmatic) where they discuss the work they both been doing in the last few years in NYC to build a community of Black artists and fans, as well as the current state of the US in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the COVID 19 pandemic,  head HERE

Also download Shut It Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives a recent comp featuring 46 heavy artists raising money


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