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Friday, June 25, 2010

such a slacker!

someone sent me this comic a while back. i forget what its called but its sooo funny. i love me some darth vader! haha (p.s. i know you can't really see it, but click on the pic to enlarge it to read whats on darth vader's laptop and why he's being wheeled out)


ugh. its true! its been a month since i posted a new entry on this here shit. damn. guess just the moving and working and shit. and i started another blog which i have been good about but i need to be better about THIS one, so i will be going forward, promise! so since i have like no time to do much more, this is just a post to let my 14 fans know that i didn't abandon them. haha. oh and go check out the other blog, which is a photo blog, geekshots.blogspot.com


hoosatron out!