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Friday, July 9, 2010

radio silence

i've been quiet for a while on this here blog. it made godzilla mad and want to stomp on me! i will try to do better, i swear!



-i bought a shirt with a motorcycle on it today. cuz i rule like that.
-i'm trying to steer myself back towards not eating meat again. idk. its hard. but i'm trying to at least do a little better. i also drastically cut down on the amount of soda i'm drinking which is awesome. though the pepsi guy at work gave me a free bottle today. i couldn't turn it down now could i?
-the new issue of juxtapoz has some pretty badass art in it. check that shit.
-the best thing to happen to me in 2010? not that this is sad at all...haha...but netflix! shit! as soon as i moved to my new place i signed up and its AWESOME. i never knew you could stream shit through your computer or wii either which makes it even more fucking amazing. best $8.99 a month i've ever spent, let me tell you!
-go check out the "companion" blog to hoosatron! geekshots.blogspot.com
-i'm off from work for a week at the end of the month. i can not waaaaaaaaait!
-celine dion and her 900 year old husband (that she met at like fucking THIRTEEN or some absurd age like that) are having twins. is anyone else disturbed by this fact?
-http://buffmonster.com/. mr buffmonster also participated in the vader project
(http://thevaderproject.com/) in which artists all painted/adorned darth vader helmets which are up for auction at freeman's auctioneers in philadelphia tomorrow at noon. why am i working tomorrow? why i say!?


i've got some shows brewing for the rest of the summer. 2 are confirmed, 2 are pending. and of course, i'm always looking for more so hit me up if you have any leads! i will have details soon for the upcoming events and will expect to see lots of faces there!!!!!!


hoosatron out!