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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hot coals in a fire!

hoos hits up the jersey shore!




-new interpol album out next tues. i haven’t been able to snag it yet, but i'm sure i will soon enough. i've read some mixed reviews on it so far, but i’ll decide for myself how i feel about it. haha. i've always enjoyed their stuff so i'm sure i won't have much trouble getting into this new record. http://www.interpolnyc.com/
-film school released a new record, “fission,” that apparently came out today (tho their website said it came out 7/20…not sure) i really liked their early work and saw them twice in 2006, both of which were great shows. after the departure of 3 of their members (guitarist nyles lannon, drummer donny newenhouse, and bassist justin labo-who in particular was awesome to watch perform) between their self titled album and 2007’s “hideout” i kind of lost interest...well really due to the fact that “hideout” wasn’t all that great compared to their previous work. i just found out about “fission” so i suppose i should give it a listen to see what its about…maybe it’ll be better than their last record….hmmm….anyway…this is a shot from them in early 2006 at maxwell’s in hoboken, nj http://www.filmschoolmusic.com/

-posting these old band photos makes me miss…well, the old days! haha. i used to live at shows and took some great photos along the way. its just been hard the past few years given the hours i work, but i try to make it out when i can. i really need to get a book together of my old work and get some new shit in there. srsly!
-ke$sha…such a guilty pleasure. hahahahahaha. its true. and while i'm at it "california gurls," by katy perry is also a pretty bad guilty pleasure. hahaha.
-its been all kool-aid, all the way in my house the past few days. hell yeah suckazzz!
-i'm about to hit the 16,000 song mark on my ipod. i need to do another shuffalump...i had one all done and written down but i was a dumbass and didn't post it. given that i've added a few hundred more tracks to my library since then, i figure i should redo it. and on that note, i just put together a playlist for the people on my crew at work. it was pretty fun and def interesting what some of them requested. i scored about 30 tracks that i didn't previously have and as well was introduced to some artists i previously wasn't all that familiar with so i take that as a plus. we're going to do a second installment of it soon which i'm sure will reap more goodies for me!


the TEA PARTY SHOW!!!! is happening THIS saturday 1-9pm at the 4th and jackson art garden (332 jackson st, hoboken nj). here is the blurb about the show on the facebook invite

For those who don't know, musician/art advocate Roland Ramos has just opened a new gallery space and adjacent sculpture garden, "4th & Jackson" in Hoboken. I will be acting as co-curator for the next show titled "The Tea Party". Some of the featured artists so far are, Kaliptus, Daniela Puliti, Anibal, Gizem Bacaz, & Aghori Christ, amongst others...The space itself was intended to revitalize what was once neglected, abused, and later forgotten. In the same spirit of resurgence, I proposed this project. Inspired by Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party" I have asked each artist to procure a chair. Suggestions included: an armchair, wooden chair, metal chair, camping chair, bar stool, basically any object intended to be sat upon. Ideally this chair should be one that has been discarded or deemed worthless. The point was to scour the local junk yards, attics, basements, garage sales, thrift stores, and curb stores to bring back life to these objects for the sake of art. One person's trash is another's treasure. http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/dinner_party/

After obtaining this chair, artists were asked to transform it in the direction of their artistic vision. For instance, if you are a painter, you can paint it. If you are a sculptor, you can utilize it sculpturally. If you are a writer, you can write on it. If you are a conceptual artist, you can leave it as be, reminiscent of a Duchamp "readymade". The goal was to be distinctive and eclectic. The chairs will line the space and become the sculptures. Tea and coffee will be served. Patrons are asked to bring their own mugs to again cut down on waste. Please pass this along to your fellow artists. We are trying to improve a community...one chair at a time.

-daniela puliti

my chair is almost done…its painted…but i'm thinking i might stencil it or tag it up hoos style…we shall see. i'm giving it the good “stare” as in when i just stare at something i’ve recently made to see if it needs more and what more i can give it. i’ll post pics when i feel its done. i’m working the morning of the show, so steve will be bringing my chair down for me and i’ll be along as soon after that as i can


hoosatron out!


Monday, August 30, 2010

gross magik

you and me melt away forrrrrreeeevvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

i'm currently listening to one of my favorite tobacco/bmsr songs ever, "gross magik" from which the above line is a lyric. idk what made me think of it...but sometimes i just have the compulsion to pull out the tobacco/bmsr at night.

(photo 8/20/2010 east 8th st and avenue b NYC. not sure how i feel about the crude and uninteresting form of this graf and also the use of the word faggot. but still, i suppose it was striking enough in it's simplicity and shock value for me to want to take a pic of it and post it so i guess that's something)



-as proof of being a complete uber dork, i recently got buffy the vampire slayer season 8 exclusive soda from jones. haha. based on the comic book that directly follows after the show, it features 6 different characters/flavors. i haven't tried any of them yet...i'm holding out....but i'm sure they will be yummy since most jones stuff is pretty good (though i do have to wonder about the tofurky soda they once did...its discontinued now but still...i wouldn't be in a rush to try that)http://www.myjones.com/limited/buffy#ordernow
-touch screen tetris is harder than it looks/sounds.
-i recently DL'd some ulrich schnauss. dreamy and sad and happy all at the same time mostly instrumental electro. my kinda shit! i just have 1 album so far but i'm def gonna pick up more. http://www.myspace.com/ulrichschnauss. check him out.
-i'm not sure i understand people who can't see. and no i'm not talking about people who literally can't see as in someone who is really blind....i mean people who are blind to the good that is right in front of their eyes. they don't see so they constantly search elsewhere to no avail, construct elaborate visions of things that are really rather boring and/or ugly, are constantly trying to fix what isn't broken or replace things that don't need replacing....or people who don't even realize what they're missing. yep don't get it (and i really don't get when i find myself doing the same thing...cuz i certainly do sometimes. i am human after all...but i know some people who just take the cake in that department. sigh.)
-i had my show at ringwood state park yesterday and took an opportunity to walk around on the grounds a little and it is beautiful there. i def want to explore more. there's a lot of history to the place and i think i need to do some research as well. i can't believe that was once someone's house. amazing. i need digs like that. haha.
-i have to go to work in a few hours. yay overnight. i think i might need to nap first...hmmm....
-mogwai has a new live dvd/bonus cd out. i just scored the tracks from the live cd but i have yet to give them more than a precursory listen. their live show is fucking PHENOMENAL and i would jump at the chance to see them again any time. they're also starting work on a new studio album which i believe is due out later this year if i'm not mistaken. the shots below are from when i saw them in philly in 2008. also, follow this link to an interview with guitarist stuart braithwaite on emusic. http://www.emusic.com/features/spotlight/2010_201008-qa-mogwai.html


hoosatron out!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

used to be so in control

judith supine (http://www.papermonster.net/artist.php?artist=1) at jonathan levine gallery (http://jonathanlevinegallery.com/). i took my friend into nyc the other day for her 30th bday. i made sure to swing by JLG to show it to her for the first time and so we check out the latest exhibits there. we were def not dissapointed and i was pleasantly suprised to see mr. judith supine's working looking back at me since i hadn't really looked into who was at the gallery before i went. i heart his work.


-i keep saying i'm going to keep up with the bloggy and then....i don't. boo! hiss! i'm really gonna try...we shall see. i've been working wonky hours lately, doing overnight shifts a few times a week again so my sleep cycle has been more f'd up than usual. perhaps on those lonely mornings after work when the rest of the world is starting their day...hmm...perhaps.
-during the above mentioned trip to nyc, i walked right up to a heavily grafittied van on the street and added my name to it. it felt awesome.
-also in nyc we visited midtown comics which was fucking INSANE and AWESOME!!!(http://www.midtowncomics.com/). there were soooo many things i wanted to get but i was good. haha. we also took a trip to lula's sweet apothecary which is a vegan ice cream and treat store. it's a little pricey, but it was so amazingly yummy and good that it was totally worth it. oooh soooo good! and how can you not love that name? "sweet apothecary" totally apealed to the major dork in me. check that shit out. srsssssly! (http://www.lulassweetapothecary.com/).
-totally digging on "stir the blood" the newish record by the bravery. def got some rad songs brewing here my favs being "hatefuck," "song for jacob," and "i am your skin" (http://www.thebravery.com/store/)
-i got a smart phone finally. welcome to the 21st century! i heart that i have pandora on it too. makes doing my "officey" stuff at work a lot less boring.
-new issue of juxtapoz out now (http://www.juxtapoz.com/)
-i hate doing dishes so hardcore. like soooo hardcore. i looked into buying a portable dishwasher and suprisingly there are models that are way more affordable than i thought. i think i'm going to be super lazy and get a small rolling one. i'm also hyper about the cleanliness factor so i'd feel better with a dishwasher again. we shall see.
-when i work overnight i tend to stop eating. idk what it is but i just don't have an appetite and it somehow doesn't really bother me. the past few weeks of doing these overnights i've def been eating weird and a lot less. i'm supposed to go overnight full time for the xmas season starting probably in october so we'll see how much i weigh come january. haha.
-i've been into building shit lately. i built a huge beast storage shelf for my front room, a custom sized bookcase for my living room since i couldn't find anything that worked for the space i needed it, and a hutch for my desk. its pretty easy, just get some wood cut from home depot, screw it together, spray paint it, and then done! when i did the desk hutch, my dad helped me cut the wood for that and i even got to use the hardcore table saw. oooh! i bought a new drill too which pretty much rules. now accepting order for custom furniture! hahaha. jk jk.
hoosy has a few shows confirmed and a few in the works...here's what i know thus far....
-Ringwood Manor Art Association Winner's Circle show. i won an award from RMAA last year so they invited me back to show my winning piece as well as more of my work. i have 7 pieces in the show and am officially the youngest participating artist. haha. the opening is sunday 8/29 1-4pm at ringwood state park. it should be up for part of september though i'm not 100% sure on the dates.
-RMAA open fall juried exhibit. this will immediately follow the winner's circle show (not sure on an opening date yet) and i'll have at least 1 piece in it.
-Tea Party...i need to get more details on this and post them. all i know is everyone has to make art with a chair and shows up the day of. i'm painting a plastic lawn chair and am pretty excited about it actually. from what i know its a 1 day event adn everyone show up with the art and takes it back at the end but i'll post more when i know more. i do know it's on 9/4 from 1-9pm in hoboken but again...more details to follow.
-Exquisite Corpse a ton of local artists all independently make separete parts of a monster/corpse (head, torso, or legs) and submit them. the curator will then take the pieces and fit them together accordingly and from what i know, with no input from the artists. i love the idea, but missed doing it last year since i found out too late. i jumped right on it this year and can't wait to see what the results are! i'm making a head and need to so get on it! the show will be at 150 Bay as part of the JC studio tour the first weekend of october (which i may not be able to get off of work! wtf!!!!?!?! i'm going to fight for it and hopefully itll work out)
there are some other possibilities brewing as well but those are the one confirmed. fall and winter is usually a busy time for shows for me so i'm def excited since i've kinda taken the summer off from artistic ventures. and as always, if you have a line on anything, feel free to send it my way!
hoosatron out!