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Sunday, August 7, 2011

survey says....


a new piece i just made.

[photo-san francisco 2005. phototransfer to wood 2011]



-buffy season 9 will be kicking off in just over a month which i'm excited about. books #1 and #2 are on pre-order now. angel and faith is also kicking off at the end of this month and is on pre-order as well. this is a separate book but takes place concurrent to season 9.
-only in fucking jersey can you get stuck in mind-boggling bumper to bumper traffic verging on an atrocity...at 1:30 in the morning. and the best part? when you finally pass by the work area 500 hours later, you see the workers just sitting on the median chilling and no actual work going on. great!
-i love when i've been at someone else's house who has cats and then i come home and my own cats inspect me by sniffing every inch of my clothing. they especially love to do this with my bags too.
-the highlight of my recent life? figuring out a beat happening song on guitar all by myself. i consider this a huge accomplishment considering i suck at guitar. haha. and btw practicing guitar at 5am is the bees knees. just saying.
-i just bought a new crash cymbal which is super duper exciting. its the first cymbal purchase i've made in almost 10 years.
-i love tobacco and can't wait til i go see black moth super rainbow next month.



the sundays-wild horses (the rolling stones) [right after i did the covers shuffalump, i realized i had unfortunately neglected to include this song. i love this cover, it gets my heart everytime; i def like it better than the orginal. i like the echoey/reverby electric guitar effects and the vocals make me just melt. i feel like the stones version is good but its too twangy for my taste. its funny that so many of the covers i like i enjoy more than the orginal. its nice to hear other interpretations i guess. the cover version of this song was in a the season 3 prom episode of buffy and fits the scene its in very well]


hoosatron out!