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Saturday, September 10, 2011


rock and roll.

i've been playing guitar a lot lately in an effort to suck less at it. i rock the southpaw axe, shit!



-so i've been m.i.a. the last few weeks. just been busy working a lot and dealing with stupid hurricanes. ugh. but i'm back at it now yo.
-just DL'd the new balam acab full length "wander/wonder" haven't had much of a chance to give it a proper listen but i'll get there. i'm def excited for more and hopefully it'll be as good as the ep.
-hoosy is getting the band back together. well not really "back together" as i'm not reforming my either of my old bands (and techincally the okfl never broke up but have been on a 9 year hiatus. we will never die!) but i started a new one. i'm excited to be drumming/playing music again, it feels so good. we haven't named ourselves yet but our fake name is the bitch killers. hahahaha. and no we will not ACTUALLY be calling ourselves that, we will come up with a good and proper name. we've got like 5 songs cooking though which is cool. more details to come as things shape up.
-i mentioned above that i've been playing guitar a lot lately which is true. and also true is that my one cat, bella-bop, loves to come and snuggle up against me and head butt me and purr loudly while i'm playing. its so adorable. she knows how to rock!
-buffy season 9 is upon us and i'm excited about it. the first issue is out on the 14th and i will def be at the shop that day to pick it up along with the next issue of dollhouse and angel and faith.



the b52s-rock lobster [omg i fucking love this song so much. it makes me boogie my hoosy butt everytime i hear it! one of the things i love about working overnight is that we get to listen to music as we work and i always smile extra big when this song comes up on shuffle. hell yeah!]


hoosatron out!