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Sunday, October 28, 2012


sketch book. [2008]



-holy shit its been like 6 months since i updated this shiz!!!!!!!!! glad to be back at it
-i had a dream the other night that i was the new drummer for The Breeders. fukk yeah!!!! id do that shit in a second!!! tho i would never leave Violet Hour so kim deal would have to respect that and of course let VH go on tour with "us" and open up!!!! hahaha
-speaking of VH, we have entered deep into writing mode as well as making acoustic arrangements of all of our older songs. this is in part cuz we want to learn more about our sound and develop more as songwriters and also due to the fact that i hurt my left hand and its been hard for me to drum on a full kit :( while i'm healing, i can only really do limited light brush work on my snare drum so we are going to be taking a break from playing out til the new year and just focus on the previously mentioned endeavors. ive actually been writing a lot of lyrics lately and wrote 2 new guitar parts for the new songs "50Days" and "Lucky Charms" im loving it! we are also starting to lay groundwork to record an ep in the new year. we have the cover art picked out already (my mom's kindergarten picture from 1955)
-i got a new kitten!!!! (anyone who reads my FB already knows this but i had to say it again!!!!) Thomas Louis Noney Bosco Hoos. I LOVE HIIIIIMMMMM!!!!
-suuuuuuper excited to be seeing the forgetters next month in brooklyn. this is blake schwartzenbach's (you know of jawbreaker and jets to brazil) newish band. im going with one of my best friends from HS cuz we bonded over jawbreaker back in those days. i can't wait to see him as well as the band!
-i HATE hurricanes....ugh.
-i officially have too much music now to fit on my ipod. a 160gb ipod actually only holds 148gb and i have 165gb of music. looks like ive got some editing to do. haha.
-ludlow guitars is a super sexy guitar shop on ludlow st in nyc. they sell mostly fenders and had a suprisingly decent selection of lefty guitars (by decent i mean about 12 which is way more than the 2 they keep in stock at guitar center). i was soooo excited to find a fender mustang there cuz that is my dream guitar but they are soooo hard to find lefty (despite the fact that kurt cobain, one of the most iconic and well known lefty guitarists of all time, played the shit out of mustangs). when i get a job again i think im gonna get one yo. for sure!
-my phone refuses to vibrate anymore. idk why. and i hate it cuz i hate having a ringtone, i only ever keep it on vibrate. ugh stupid technology!!! (tho actually i am working on lyrics right now about how technology can suck you dry)
-im getting used to typing with only 3 fingers on my left hand. hahaha.


i saw el ten eleven a few days ago in nyc. fukking AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooo good!!!! i cant wait til they come back around again so i can see more of their awesomeness. here's a few shots i got (with my phone too! hot shit for a phone) click on the pic to see it bigger.



speaking of the breeders i thought id post one of my fav songs from them. this is on "pod," their first record that came out in 1990. this was before kelley deal was in the band (and i just recently found out that kim deal originally wanted her sister to play drums in the band but kelley wanted to take on lead guitar duties, despite not really being able to play. hmmmm. interesting). i was obsessed with this record my first year of college and listened to it all the time, especially when i spent time in the computer lab working in photoshop.

and here is a live version (from 1993) of the instrumental track "flipside" from their platinum selling second album "last splash" its a little choppy but still cool. love this song and its surfy vibe. also love kim standing on the amp. hahaha.


hoosatron out!