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Saturday, November 10, 2012

sick of this SHITT

i was gonna make this a fb post originally but then i just got carried away and kept going and going so i decided to move it here to the ol bloggy blog. i have never made my political views a secret and was quite vocal on fb with it, especially in the waning weeks of the campaign. daily, almost hourly, there i was annoying the shit [i'm sure] out of the people on my friends list with snarky meme's, links, and comments loudly declaring my very deep seated hatred for all things under the republican banner. i didn't really wanna spill too much over into the blog with it [and honestly, i just picked it back up again recently anyway] so this is going to be my one uber political post [again honestly, it will be more of a rant and its going to contain a lot of foul language and mean remarks because that is my free-writing style, and i enjoy being snarky, but frankly, i don't care if that's bothersome to my readers. most of you are prob in line with me anyway. but you never can tell] so....why now HOOS? you may be asking. why after the election? well the reason to that is cuz i read one particular article that just RUBBED ME THE WRONG FUKKIN WAY. idk why, but it just struck a major chord in me and hit deep ,deep in my nerves. i started to rant about it on fb, feverishly double checking my facts [and my arithmetic] to make sure i, in turn, did not come across as a moron who hadn't researched their point at least a little bit [only "legitimate" posts here at hoosatron!] this article just represented the blatant arrogance and obnoxious entitlement of republicans that i just CAN NOT abide. safe to say, HOOS doesn't suffer fools lightly to begin with [i really, really don't] and especially not pompous windbag, super privileged, fukk faced, republican fools. so what has me so pissed off NOW after the election and obama's victory??? ah, im just getting to that. alright so before the election, political author and republican a-wad, dick morris, made a prediction that romney would win in a landslide. hahahahaha yeah right!!!! the idea is purely laughable to me, as i'm sure it is to many of you, cuz well....it's just so fukkin funny!!!! except that  no....he actually said that. really **shudder** you can go see for yourself  HERE or HERE. hell, even mega-douche rush limbaugh was on the landslide bandwagon. [again, yes, these people ACTUALLY thought this could possibly happen] whats wrong with that you may ask? a pair of puffed up right wing jidiots making a ludicrously asinine prediction like that? well...nothing. i think its HILARIOUS that they would ever even dream up something so wild, nevermind say it in public and feel confident about it actually coming to pass!!! see, that's not what's got me so wound the wrong way tho. what DID grate my cheese all backwards was what morris posted on his website AFTER shitt's failure at the polls, "why i was wrong" in which he opined on what he thought went wrong and why ol mittens didn't get to have that victory dance afterall. he began with the statement "I’ve got egg on my face. I predicted a Romney landslide and, instead, we ended up with an Obama squeaker" okay yeah, mmm hmm, yeah ya do have egg on your face pal, the whole big fat dozen of em in fact, but who's counting, really? so i'm sitting there reading this article and its really sinking in what this assbag is saying. he's trying to claim that obama just "barely" made it in the election [he later goes on to use that exact word] and lists fukkin racist [and ageist] reasons why badass barry obaminator got more votes than lil ol good and wholesome [read: whitebread] shitty pants romney. "The key reason for my bum prediction is that I mistakenly believed that the 2008 surge in black, Latino, and young voter turnout would recede in 2012 to “normal” levels. Didn’t happen. These high levels of minority and young voter participation are here to stay. And, with them, a permanent reshaping of our nation’s politics" um....can you go ahead and uh maybe DEFINE what "normal" levels are for us, DICK???? are all non-whites and young people supposed to languish in ignorance and squalor cuz that would be so much better for you if they just stayed quiet and signed up for the military instead and were shipped overseas to die in your wars instead of  getting informed, educated, and going out and voting? [i am NOT implying people in the military are uneducated or uninformed, but they also can't vote from a bodybag. that is  a whole other topic of discussion for another time] are they supposed to NOT take part in the democratic process of this country cuz it gets in the way of right wing freakos getting into office and keeping this country in the dark ages in terms of civil/women's rights? because gee, DICK,  i thought i resided in the nation abraham lincoln described in his famous 1863 speech, the gettysburg address. you know a nation OF the people, FOR the people, and BY the people. yeah that one. so i'm real sorry for you mr. morris, and i know its really inconvenient for you and your stankkfaced conservative cronies, that this nation OF the people, FOR the people, and BY the people, includes people who are in fact NOT greedy, white, old, rich, heterosexual, christian, fukkin men like you and your wacky sidekick pals. oh and that those people happen to go out and vote on election day. such a bummer,right DICKY??? and you're goddamn right that those people are going to "permanen[ly] reshape our nation's politics" cuz like me, i'm sure a whole hell of a lot of them are sick of crusty, fuggly, money-bagged, straight, white CREEPERS like you, DICK, or mitty mitt, or W, or limbaugh, and all those reprehensible "RAPE" republicans that think they have the right to dictate what goes on in this country and that the rest of us should just sit back and take it right in the keester and continue to stay quiet and disenfranchised with no say in anything. as more and more time goes by this redefinition morris seems to loathe so much will be so exceedingly evident, that it will seem absurd to even IMAGINE that things could have ever in fact been any different. my own father told me as a kid that there would never be a black or a woman president in his lifetime or in mine. i told him he was wrong and he laughed at me. i KNOW he ain't laughing now, and i bet he feels just as stupid as the republi-losers he supports over the fact that well, he's still alive and kicking and we went ahead and *GASP* elected a black man president even tho that wasn't "supposed" to happen. and sorry pops, you know i love you, but there's gonna be a woman following closely behind him. maybe not in 2016, but def by 2020 or 2024. my dad will be pretty old by then, but it will happen. anyway, this isn't about my dear old dad and his unfortunate political leanings [for christ's sake tho, i can't leave it unsaid that the man thinks ronald reagan was the best president we ever had. please shoot me. no pun intended, ms.foster] back now to tricky dicky, uber douche extraordinaire. he also goes on to blame hurricane sandy for the reason why romney lost momentum and ultimately the election, criticizing new jersey governor chris christie for working WITH obama immediately following the evil rotten mega storm that trashed large portions of the state, and because christie "promoted" obama's leadership. [as a quick aside, for those of you who don't know, i live in new jersey. i have no love for christie and his rude and arrogant manner, and much less love for his policies, but i won't go into that here] christie and obama worked together in the aftermath of sandy NOT for political motivations or gains but because it was, first and foremost, what was RIGHT for the citizens of new jersey. for once christie [semi] pulled his head out of his ass and put the needs of the people of this state first, so many of whom were very DRASTICALLY and SERIOUSLY affected by the worst storm in our recent history [how many of you went without power and/or water for DAYS or lost a significant amount in the storm?] how dare some outrageous assclown like dick fukkin morris call that into question!!?!?!? i'm not sure where moron-is lives, but he seemed wholly unaffected by the hurricane, so unphased by it that he could feel okay making shithead statements alluding to the fact that because a republican governor worked with a democratic president for the good of his citizens and to bring relief to thousands of people, that somehow it was a tactic on obama's part to de-bunk the other guy and make him look bad, and that's what cost the election for baseball glove [who by the way DID NOT send aide to NJ or to NY, the two states hit the hardest by the storm, and only sent it to swing states he thought he had a chance of winning. read about it here. there were deeper allegations that he staged some of the donation stuff for photo-opps, like that slimy humanoid paul ryan and his infamous dish washing incident, but i'd have to look deeper into it cuz i'm not 100% sure on all of it] and well just how could christie have possibly worked with him in the first place? then he babbles some more and states "We must stop Obama’s socialist agenda" which just really made me roll my eyes. [THAT'S a whole other epic rant that i'm not even gonna go into, but seriously i do not find people having the ability to get healthcare provided by the government to be big and bad and scary. sure it's got socialist undertones to it, but then again, i also have my own socialist leanings. anyway, perhaps another time i will revisit that firestorm] and LASTLY, the thing about this article that was most laughable, and what caught my eye in the first place, was that morris declared obama's victory a "squeaker" hmmmm....yeah that one took a minute to circle back around again and for me to jump on it cuz like....yeah....a squeaker.....hmmm. he also states in the article that obama "barely won this election" hmmm....barely you say. barely. barely. what does that even mean, barely? barely. barely. my fav book, my 1996 version of the merriam-webster collegiate dictionary, says it means "in a meager manner", or "scarcely, hardly." so hmmmm yeah barely. now that we know what "barely" means and i know that we can all gather what a "squeaker" means, lets take a tiny step back from that statement there DICK, or how 'bout a big fukkin GIANT one? cuz you know really, i didn't know that winning ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX MORE electoral votes than your opponent did could be described as a "close finish" [yeah 126. 1-2-6. obama got a total of 332 votes to romney's 206. you need 270 to win]. whats more, obama also clinched over 3.1million more popular votes than romney did. [another aside, i have strong issues with the electoral college and fully believe it is arcane and ineffective in our modern environment. however, its the system we elect our presidents under currently and i have to respect that. also, that is a rant for another time] ok so....hmmm....let me do the math here....so....B.O. got 126 more electoral votes than M.R. did and 3.1million more popular votes, right? so umm....DICK, you spineless insect, can you please maybe uh EXPLAIN how this in any way denotes that obama won in a "squeaker"???? [hiss thru teeth] "oh so close mitt!" um no. no. no no no. NO. fukking HELL NO, NOT A CHANCE IN FUKKIN HELL, NOT FOR ONE INSTANT was this election a  "SQUEAKER"  or did barack obama "BARELY" win. oh man, that sneaky obama, just "SQUEAKING" by our good ol friend romney  to "steal" the election. you despicable fukkin manipulative fukker GOBLIN morris, lets put it right out there that what obama ACTUALLY did in this election was to fukkin STOMP ROMNEY'S FUKKIN LAME ASS INTO THE GROUND!!!! that is in fact what went down. hate to be the one to tell ya RICHARD, but them's the breaks kid. its absolutely ridiculous that this repugnant bridge troll could try to spin obama's victory any other way. completely backasswards. but then again, hey are you suprised? i mean, really? that's the kind of shit these people are professionals at pulling off. they can spin this shit so good and so fast that they make a black widow look like an amateur, is it any wonder i can't friggen stand 'em? [HOOS factoid, i HATE spiders!] i guess a small part of me, deep down somewhere, must have been a little surprised by the sheer cockyness and arrogance of it all, enough to really piss me off and make me type out this pretty epic rant. [i think the coyness of the word "squeaker" just incensed me, that's what pushed me over the edge] and yeah, it was epic. if you've read this far, thanks. and now i wind it down. this is the most political i have ever gotten on this blog and probably will ever get, but you never know. this election was fierce for a lot of us out there and some really important issues were on the line all over this country. i'm happy to see the person i voted for won, i'm also REALLY happy to see the gains that were made in marriage equality/lgbt rights. one day i am confident that i will live in a world where this is simply a non-issue like it really should be, because it shouldn't even be a question at this point, it should be a big fat DUH!!! but again, its not the time or place for that discussion now. lastly i was beyond thrilled that the "RAPE" republicans were ALL knocked of their high women-hating horses, and down into the dirt where they belong. fukk those guys for real. walk a mile in any woman's shoes and then try thinking real fukkin hard about those statements you so callously throw around, you buncha saggy elephant nut sacks!!!! anyway, i thought i'd wind it down with a few pics/meme's i thought were humorous that i still have. its all just random stuff and i certainly posted a whole hell of a lot of shit[t] during the campaign. take a look and have a laugh. but don't ever forget the struggle and that we have to stay diligent EVERY day and EVERY election to keep DIRTY FUKKIN COCKBURGLARS LIKE SHITT ROMNEY  AND HIS BAND OF REPUBLI-FREAKS ***OUT!!!*** OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!! [and congress, senate, state, and local government!!!!]


-for kicks go and google "completely wrong for america" and see what pops up. its not as good as it was a few weeks ago, but its still awesome. or scope it here


shitt's daddy ran for prez in 1968 but ultimately lost the republican nomination to richard nixon.

yo i'm still like WHAAAAATTTTT that 2 states legalized marijuana [colorado and washington] for other than medical reasons

all ya'll fukkers went DOWN!!!!!

go tammy!!!

hahahahahaHAHAHAHA!!!! that's right bigbird tell that douche!!!!!

hahaha THIS was prob one of my FAVS of the whole campaign. unfortunately i didn't see it until like the day before, but it was still pure brilliance. shitt rapeme!!!!!


political pundit hoosatron out!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!!!!

you heard the man, er uh, blob of slime, VOTE BITCHES!!!!!!! i love me some election day shenanigans, sure do! im about to head down to the polls in a lil while so i can get gawked at by the lil old ladies that are always at my polling place. they're so cute, all staring and wondering why a teenage boy is there voting and not off in a high school classroom somewhere. hahahaha. anyway......here goes!!!!



-i was reading the history of records on wikipedia the other day. really interesting. check it out here
-you don't look hip a nerdy blog by my friend henry krinkle
-i sure do love me the 99cent tshirt rack at the thrift store.
- i just got an E.T. lunchbox on ebay for $8. legit from 82 yo not no damn repro. hot shit!
-in case anyone was wondering, my fav book is in fact the dictionary
-my fukkin laptop crapped out. ugh!!!!!!!! the screen is damaged beyond repair and well doesn't that just sukk! i have a new one on order tho and it will be here in a week or so. for now, i bum my roomies laptop. [fortunately i had all my music already backed up on my external harddrive and i was able to salvage a lot of stuff from my fd up computer cuz half of the screen still works so i can see some shit to nab it]
-the heat in  my car doesn't work currently. damn better get that fixed soon.
-stay tuned for *new* band photos of VIOLET HOUR. [we did another impromptu photoshoot outside of my house at our last jam session]
-i love reading about random shit, especially the history of things [read above link to history of records, duh!] and especially technology and computers [tho i don't always understand the super technical language] i came across Old Computers last night and it is hot! ive only skimmed through it so far but there is a ton of info on there and a load of super rad pics of old computers. hell yeah!!!


so i just want to say FUKK HURRIKANES!!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!! its crazy out there right now, how many people lost so much, how many are still without power [my parents and my brother included], and the gas situation. im trying to stay as positive as i can and i am SO SO GREATFUL that i came out of this unscathed. we only lost power for 46 hours and that in the grand scheme of things is really nothing. we also had no flooding [we were hit super hard last year with flooding and lost everything in our basement] which was really awesome since we live in a nasty floodzone. im also so amazed at how people have been pulling together to help each other out during these crazy times. i want to be part of the cleanup effort but unfortunately there is nothing all that close to me and with gas being like it is right now, i can't really go anywhere far :( i was able to get a load of stuff down to a donation site the other day tho for relief in Staten Island which made me feel better cuz i was feeling guilty that i wasn't doing anything. im hoping to find more local donation sites so i can coordinate with people who work and can't make it there themselves to get their stuff there. we shall see what happens. stay strong NJ/NY, we got this!!!!!



so anyone who knows me knows im a huge music nerd with a pretty wide taste [and pretty odd according to some ppl. haha]. im not one of those jackasses that says "oh i like everything," but i do like a wide variety. but that being said there a few things i just CAN NOT abide. those being country, raggaeton, most ramones songs [yeah that's right, i said it!]. but most of all, one group who i just can't stand AT ALL is the killers!!!! ugh, i fukkin HATE THEM!!!!!!!! idk why either [well aside from the fact that their music is mediocre and shitty] its just an irrational, blind hatred. haha. i also hate that they took their name from a new order video [the video for "crystal"]. ugh fukk those asswipes!!!! anyway, there is a point to this rant and i'm getting to that now hahaha. so i was digging around on soulseek the other day and was in someone's files that had a lot of old school punk rock and i came across a folder marked "killers" my interest was piqued cuz i was pretty sure there was no way this dude had crap from those d-bags, so i looked into it. i got the files and sure enough, my hunch was correct and it was music from an old skool punk band. one of my online friends and i chatted about it and we came up with some info on them too as well as a youtube vid. so i now present to you, the REAL killers, along with some links to check out by them. shit son!!!!!!

KILLERS-killer [classic 77 style UK punk rokk yo]

more info on them here


hoosatron out!!!!!