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Sunday, March 10, 2013


hoosatron dot muthafukkin com is THREE years old today!!!! wooot! wooot! yep, i started this schniz in 2010 and i'm still at it tho true to form, i've been neglecting my lil baby a bit lately! haha. such a bad blog mom. hahahaha. yeah, i intended to start writing about a band every tuesday so i could keep up with it more...and then violet hour has been practicing every tuesday since then and all my attention usually goes to that on practice day cuz i have a tendency to get a little hyper focused. haha. then i've been busy [and lazy] since then. haha. today of course is no exception, as i have a solo show in a little while. hahahaha. BUT i swear, i'm going to post shit tomorrow!!!! or maybe tuesday.....i SWEAR!!!!! hahaha. i have random shit to post about, pics and info of a new groovy 60s guitar i got, AND pics from last night's thermals show. yay!!!! so stay tuned for that shit

and i leave you with my fav bday song of all time....

atom and his package- happy birthday ralph [happy birthday, ralph, i love you! even though you are fukkin disgusting! hahaha best refrain EVER!!!!]


fin -xo hoos!