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Monday, April 29, 2013


joseph lawrence berkemeyer 1973 [aka, poppa hoos selfy like 35 years before social media. hahaha!!!!]


WOW!!!! i tooooooooooooooootally suck!!! hahaha. yeah, last post i was like, "oh yeah i'm gonna post all these pics of the thermals show and blah, blah, blah. well, yeah i didn't do it. hahahaha. idk, i just got distracted with other shit and kinda let the bloggy fall to the wayside. i'm gonna work on rectifying that. i know, i know, i always say that but i'm really gonna try. haha. its been a little tough the last few weeks cuz my laptop has been on the fritz and i'm waiting for the guy to call me with the part to fix it. i've been alternately borrowing steve's laptop and kindle to get shit done but yeah. anyway, here's what i've been up to since last post!


randomy since last post....

-i turned 32! oooo!!!! i'm still a kid at heart though, always have been, ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!
-i started a new [fake] band with my 8 year old nephew called the wild lizards! hahaha. he's banging the skins and i'm making noise on a little kid guitar. hahaha. soooo cute!
-saw sarah silverman live and it was fukkin AWESOME!!!!
-oh and speaking of my bday, i had an epic bday bash at my chill spot, henrietta hudson. it was soooo awesome, my good pals plastiq passion played [and i played 3rd guitar on their song "tragic" and sang too! it was sooooo rad!], as well as the super awesome thundera, and of course violet hour rocked that shit too! i also asked some of my fav musicians to play duets with me and it was so friggen incredible. i played bass for all of the duets and my peeps accompanied me on guitar/vocals. i did some fugazi with my uber amazing guitarist deb [we fooled the crowd and started "waiting room" but then went into "turkish disco" instead! hahaha] next i did some hole with the lovely miss julie bindas-sanchez, lead singer extraordinaire of VH, and we played "doll parts" lastly, i did "true love will find you in the end" by daniel johnston with badass jessica chaos of plastiq passion. oh and did i mention i actually sang on all of these duets?!?!?! yeah! i've wanted to try my hand at it and to learn to play and sing at the same time. i'm not there yet with guitar, but i found i could handle it with bass so that's a start, right?
-i do intend to post those thermals pics soon hahaha. once i get my laptop back in action. i also have some other pics to post of PP, VH, and other random shit. yeah!
-i buzzed off the moptop. RIP moptop! hahahaha
-i'm embarking on some home improvements in my tiny apartment cuz right now its like an episode of hoarders and there is also way too much furniture in it. i just need to move into a mansion, yeah, def a mansion. hahaha.
-i just want to state for the record that i am completely unaffected by the bacon craze. i don't eat pork anyway. but yeah, i'm un-impressed.


i'm gonna skip the songy song today. next time son, next time.


fin -xo