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Sunday, August 25, 2013

set sail

explosions [in the sky]

funny how these things seem to escape us...



-----i was just thinking that while i love my black on black gibson sg, someday i think it'd be cool to own a blue one. i'd have to get it custom made being lefty and all, but it'd still be cool. i did give a little thought to completely stripping my epiphone sg down and painting it blue but i don't think i wanna risk it cuz i plan on using it as a "backup" guitar and i'm afraid i'm not gonna be able to get everything back together 100% correctly....but maybe i can get a cheap dirt guitar [as i like to call them] for like $100 and work on that.
-----robotnicka just randomly came up on shuffle. damn, i have not heard them in a hot hot minute. i really love their sound, i just wish i spoke french so i knew what they were singing about. haha.
-----xtreme lefty guitars is your one stop shop for all your brutal lefty needs. hahaha. i say that cuz they specialize in lefty guitars with a decidedly metal edge. they offer lots of classic brands/models associated with the biggest metal names in both guitar brands and players. the company is family owned and operated and the prices seem to be fair and the selection diverse. the art and design of some of these guitars, while not my cup of tea per se, is actually pretty impressive. i do happen to like some metal here and there but i don't envision myself playing a wicked bc rich any time soon and i can also personally live without a dave mustaine signature axe. hahaha. but for those of you who would like one, there are two dif models to choose from coming soon.
-----while we're on the subject of dave mustaine, i happen to think the man is a complete fukking rightwing tool bag. he actually said last summer at a live show that president obama staged the aurora, colorado shootings in an effort to ban guns. wow. like just. w.o.w. but yeah, i won't go into anymore cuz my head might explode thinking about anything he has to say. and as an aside, one of my solo songs is called "dave mustaine is an idiot" and while it isn't that metal for most of it, i sampled both him speaking some random freak shit [as well as that lunatic alex jones] and a snippet of him playing some crazy metal cliche shit at the end just to be an asshole. hahahahaha. i'll have to record it and post it sometime.
-----i once had someone tell me that soda was liquid satan [i posted about it at the time too] and they were right. that shit is so hard to give up and i sneaks back up and tempts me alllll the time like a damn snake trying to trick me into eating forbidden fruit. been doing a little shitty with it lately but i'm trying to approach it almost like AA, one day at a time. i know that shit is so bad and is killing me but it is seriously the hardest thing i've ever had to give up. i know i'm never gonna be perfect with it but every time i choose not to drink it i'm way better off.
-----my super awesome good pal and guitarist extraordinaire is getting married in like a week and while i am super excited for her cuz she and her girl are so cute together!!! i'm also super excited about getting new dress up clothes! yay! hahahaha. how girly of me. hahahaha. here is a fact about me kids, while i do sport the little boy look like a pro, and live in shorts and tshirts this time of year, i'm the opposite of a true little boy in that i love any excuse to get dressed up. i tend to stick to the classic black suit with a vest, always a vest, and sans jacket cuz i look weird in a suit jacket. haha. when i get some $$$$$ i want to get a grey suit going on but i'll save that for another fancy occasion.
-----this is fag city [romance. astrology. akathisia. revenge.] a nifty blog i discovered a while back.



warpaint "elephants" [this isn't my fav song by them, but i picked it because it is interesting, really interesting. i say that in that i found it... twisty and almost difficult in a way, but not...bad if that makes any kind of sense. sometimes shit is just like that, you don't like it but its somehow interesting regardless and you want to follow the twists and turns through til the end. this is early stuff, from their first ep and not as good as the material that followed on their debut full length, the fool which came out in 2010, which has some really pretty incredible tracks. i think its high time these ladies put out some new stuff. they have some fall tour dates which is rad, but it would have been radder had i realized sooner and actually gotten tickets. haha]

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

happy lefty day yo

yo suckaz, if you didn't know before, you do now, august 13th is national lefty day! woot woot! it was first observed in 1992 to celebrate all things and peeps left handed, so it is for sure my kind of day. hahaha. i decided since music is kinda the #1 thing in my life that i'd put up a little list of my fav lefty musicians in honor of this glorious day. of course i couldn't help including the above obnoxious pic of me playing in my first band as a teenager, the overly clothed fat ladies [yeah we were REALLY called that. hahahahahaha] i loved playing in that band and have recently un-earthed some cassettes of us that i really do need to get digitized and online. hahaha. the only rule i had in assembling this was that i only included people who actually PLAY lefty as i know/know of a ton of musicians who are leftys but play right handed instruments so no dice for them. haha. in terms of me playing lefty, i play both drums and guitar/bass lefty and am pretty much 100% useless when it comes to right handed instruments. haha. when i started drumming i had a teacher attempt to teach me righty but i had trouble getting around the drumkit like that so when i got my first kit of my very own, i tried switching everything around and it just made so much sense for the first time; i never looked back. when i asked my mom for my first guitar there was never a question of if i would play one way or the other, she just said "okay, get me the phonebook, lets call some stores and find you a left handed guitar" and that was that. i'm glad she had that mindset cuz so many ppl i know were forced to play righty and i just can't imagine that, i don't think i would have been able to do it. okay, enough of that, on with the list! in no particular order....

[fyi, i stole some of these pics and i took some of them too, which i noted]

tim fogarty- el ten eleven [i've been obsessively listening to these guys the past two weeks or so. i'm going to see them next month and i can't friggen wait! they are sooooooo amazing live and really friendly too. bassist/guitarist kristian dunn walked by steve last time we saw them and happened to make eye contact with him and rather than keep on walking, he stopped and thanked steve for coming to the show. he also took a min to talk to me and thanked me for coming as well. it was really refreshing cuz i hate bands who are douchey to their fans and don't show any appreciation. if you haven't heard this band, go to youtube immediately and watch some of their vids, its ridiculous how good they are and what they are able to do with just two guys]

kathy foster- the thermals [while i was disappointed in their latest record, desperate ground, their overall catalog kicks some serious ass. i really love her approach in that she plays simple yet strong, insistent bass lines with just the slightest twinge of fuzz, and in that way, she really holds command over a great deal of their songs. she is also a drummer and played on a few of their records before they found a permanent drummer, weston glass. in addition to the thermals she hits the skins in the all girl summer fun band but i was dismayed to find out that she plays drums righty which i find so weird! oh well, i'll get over it! hahaha]

hannah blilie- gossip [i snapped this in 2006 at a SUPER sweaty and crazy show in philadelphia where mika miko and erase errata were the opening acts. you really can't get much better than that. the place was jammed and the energy was so high it was practically crackling in the air. suuuuch a good show!!! while i was sad to see their original drummer, kathi, go (i knew her from working with her and hanging around when i lived in olympia, wa) hannah def breathed a whole new life into this band and gave them a really sharp driving edge in their sound. it's been several years since i've seen them last, since they are now playing in much bigger venues which i really don't like, but one of these days i'll go check them out again]

paul mccartney [can't have a list of leftys without this dude, i mean come on! haha. i don't have to say anything about him, the man is a friggen icon and a living legend. haha. i will just mention this: he is the owner of the only left handed dan armstrong clear acrylic guitar ever produced and for that i am very very jealous of him. haha]

ben folds [i didn't know he played drums until i saw the video for "rockin the suburbs" interestingly enough, he is backwards of everyone i've ever seen in that he plays guitar and bass righty but plays drums lefty. odd, but still really rad]

dick dale [the king of the surf guitar, the man is another living legend in that he is pretty much responsible for the entire genre of surf music. in addition to being a true innovator, he puts on a damn good live show full of energy and passion. i've seen him twice, but you only ever have to go once cuz it is the same thing every time he plays right down to the stage banter! haha. his playing style is interesting in that the order of his strings is reversed as if he were playing a right handed guitar upside down. i hope i have chops as good as he still does when i get to be his age! i have a guitar pick that he gave me and i super glued it onto the pickguard of my fender stratocaster but i really don't play that guitar anymore and am actually thinking of selling it. before i do though, i'm gonna figure a way to get that pick off in tact so i can hold onto it! haha. i snapped this pic in 2005 at asbury lanes in asbury park, nj]

kurt cobain [totally and completely impossible to leave him off this list cuz he shaped so much of my early musical endeavors as a kid with fresh ears starting to explore different sounds. i chose this particular picture cuz i took it...haha jk jk jk. no i chose this shot because its a rare shot of him playing a fender telecaster which is not a guitar that he is known for. he was known for playing  mustangs and jaguars mainly and even designed a hybrid between the two, the jagstang. the jagstang is an ugly looking guitar but i've been told it sounds sweet tho i've never actually heard one. i eventually want to get his signature mustang cuz it has a humbucker in the bridge position instead of a single coil pickup and i do love me some humbucker action. annoyingly, even though he was one of the most iconic lefty guitarists of all time, actually finding left handed versions of the jagstang or his signature mustang is a difficult operation. i have yet to find either in a shop. the story on the above guitar is that he painted it blue with house paint and courtney love scratched the heart into it where you can see the original finish underneath....his wrist is kind of covering it in this shot tho... and guess what? he wasn't left handed. yep that is correct, mr. cobain was actually right handed]

jessica chaos- plastiq passion [while i have met some of the people on this list, she is the only one i know personally and have played with. wait, i mean, i know paul mccartney and dick dale, they're old friends, we jam all the time! hahaha. i snapped this pic at a show violet hour played with pp back in feb 2012. we've played a few more shows together in our bands, played a few solo gigs together, and even dueted together on "true love will find you in the end" by daniel johnston at my bday party this past year. i played bass and she played guitar and it was pretty freakin rad! stay tuned cuz pp has a new record coming out in the very near future. i'll be sure to shout it out on this shit when it is available]
jimi hendrix [while i do enjoy his music and have great respect for it, i'm not like a super huge fan and really only listen to him once in a while. what i do love and appreciate about him is what he brought to the instrument, what he was able to command it to do, and how he totally transformed the approach to playing guitar. the man defied the laws of nature to bring forth primal sounds like never before, and really few after; you gotta have mad love and respect for that. as far as i know, he also never played a left handed instrument, preferring to always play upside down right handed guitars. i saw an interview with eric clapton not too long ago and he talked about the fact that he found and purchased a lefty strat for hendrix but never got the chance to give it to him before he died. interesting]
blake schwarzenbach [he played in one of my fav bands of all time, jawbreaker as well as jets to brazil and currently, forgetters. i will say that though i've always loved him for his lyrical prowess, i've never counted him among my guitar influences. i really looked more towards adam pfhaler, drummer of jawbreaker, as the one i drew musical influence from. that band is one of the ones that got me through those awkward teenage years and i was uber devoted to them long after they had broken up. even now when i hear a song by them, it quickly evolves into a week long listening binge. haha. i liked them best when they were at the moody/broody-est and didn't always like it when they did more upbeat stuff like "boxcar" (which i can actually play the guitar part for! haha) their final record, dear you is still one of my fav slabs of all time and a true classic as far as i'm concerned. i unfortunately never did get to see jawbreaker play live, but i did see jets to brazil in 2000, and i snapped the above pic when i saw the forgetters this past winter]
okay, that's all folks. like i said, this was in no particular order and reserved only for people who play their instruments left handed so don't yell at me if i left someone off! haha. there are def more people i could have included, but i think ten is a good number to leave it at for now. maybe i'll do a round two at some point. who are your fav leftys? tell me!
fin. xo -hoos