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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

what happens when the lie consumes you?

robots will kill


june two thousand fourteen

i'm actually almost not fat enough to wear my RWK hoodie again. fucking score.


i miss writing. i miss posting regularly. i don't have time to write much of anything in depth. or actually to post much in general. boo. in an attempt to somewhat compromise i will post short snarky things. and maybe some other things. and we'll see how that goes. and um...yeah.


a list of fifteen random things cuz i am too goddamn exhausted to think straight yet can't seem to fall asleep....

-the next cat i get will be named timothy.
-hiding is better than explaining. or living freely. or dealing with reality. but you know, whatever.
-both of my bands have lots of shows coming up which i'm goddamn fucking excited about. i sing and play drums in ghostmouse. i play guitar in lady bizness and shout sometimes too. our show schedules and other news about all of our rock n roll fuckery are on our pages which you should also like. do it up suckaz. there are some bad ass bitches in those bands with me too. and i love them cuz they rule.
-i currently am working on setting up and promoting a bunch of other shows. thirteen to be exact. and i'm insane so i'm going to add more to that number cuz i'm a work-a-holic and don't want to stop. so if you're in a rad band we should prob talk.
-pencils were not made for left-handed people to write with. they suck and make my hand all dirty which is highly irritating.
-i have an art show coming up next month. damn. i have not devoted much time to visual art at all in the past year or so and that sucks. glad to be getting on something soon yo. i will have details coming at you shortly.
-i want to eat sushi all the time. cuz it is amazingly delicious and it also doesn't upset my stomach which seems to happen too frequently lately. fuck that shit.
-sometimes i just let loose and i fucking listen to fucking katy perry. yeah i just said that. i just really did. with zero shame. and yeah i know "i kissed a girl" is kind of incredibly offensive to dykes when you really break it down but eh, i can let it slide cuz i have enough other crap to be angry about and i mean she liked it, right? [dear god that sounded so ignorant hahaha. don't judge me!] i'd rather hate justin beiber anyway if i had to pick a pop star to throw shade at.
-i'm listening to free form jazz right now. it is kind of interesting.
-i'm working on a zine for the first time in....nine years....at least that long, maybe longer. pretty stoked for that shit. i will be collaborating with the super rad drummer of lady biz  to bring that shit to light. #itsgoingtorule #takingcareofbizness
-once i have more time and brain function available, i want to write some more essays for this here shit. fact. fact. fact. yes it is a fact. i want to write things with more substance.
-only i would tend bar whilst wearing a minor threat shirt and not even realize it.
-obligation is a powerful force.
-how could i have forgotten that i had music by a band called allergic to whores???
-i will not ever wear cargo pants cuz it ain't 1997 no more. but i love cargo shorts in the summer


tristeza "march of the white lies" (full album) [one of my fav, fav, fav bands. i'm sad cuz they haven't done anything since 2010 and that just sucks. i need them to do shit again asap. for realz. tristeza means "sadness" in spanish. i have it tattooed on the inside of my right wrist]


fin. xo



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