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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

killing you to death

tattoo bitch



-----i listen to a lot of music, duh, you already knew that. but there are always those bands i can fall back on and how mean so much, even if i haven't listened to them in a while. you bitches know i love green day and i know its hardly considering "cool" by a lot of people but i don't care. for twenty years, they are a band i have consistently turned to when things didn't make sense or i was sad or i needed to be inspired and they always were there for me no matter what. i'll be listening to them sometimes and i'll just get tears in my eyes and no not when songs like "wake me when september ends," or "good riddance" [i have never particularly cared for this song to be honest] or "21 guns" or any of the overtly emotional ones or bigger hits. i get misty when songs that touch my soul or hold me together come on like "f.o.d," "80" [this song was MASSIVE for me as a teenager, for the epic bassline, as well as being the soundtrack of realizing i liked girls, for the words "80 please keep taking me awaaaaaay," and the fadeout at the end and hanging on to it til the very last second] "tales of another broken home" and "j.a.r" [who doesn't love this one?!] also, i seriously had a moment during "409 in your coffeemaker" the other day, who does that? hahahaha. as you can see i have a love of a lot of the early tracks. i don't know what i would have done had i not had this band when i was younger and i love that i still listen to them and turn to them. i love that as they have grown and the subjects of their songs have matured, so have i. i plan to keep on listening to them for many, many years to come.
-----duuuude, i am seriously turning into a total housewife lately!hahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes, i just said "housewife" in reference to myself HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! annnnyway, i say this because i live in a tiny aparment [tho my bedroom is the biggest i've ever had] and its crappy and i really let it fall to shambles. i am planning on moving to ny in hopefully 2015 but i still have to be here for now so i decided, no more epic sloppiness for 2014 yo. i want to make this place look nice regardless if its shitty and small, so i have been doing some major deep cleaning and i've actually been liking it! i get overwhelmed quickly with it, which i why i let it get so messy in the first place, so i break it down into manageable chunks though i usually find myself really in the zone once i get going so i end up cleaning more than what i originally intended to. steve is...well...he's a total guy and a major slob so he's not helping much but i told him fine, if he isn't going to help, then he has to pay for the cleaning supplies i need which he agreed to without hesitation! i asked him to get me a swiffer duster the other day and it is sooooooo goooooood. i was like !!!!!!!!! when i was using it and had a total house wifely boner for it! hahahahaha. i'm also using this opportunity to get more art up on the walls, both my own and by other rad people. i have a lot up already, but still a lot of wall space to use and tons of stuff to choose from. i'm excited by this change and i really aim to keep up with it. living like a slob is a thing of the past yo!
-----i love it when i have my ipod in shuffle in the car and a tullycraft song comes on and then
immediately following it a slayer song comes on. aaahmaaazing.
-----a lot of people i grew up with have either just had their first baby or will be soon. makes me feel old. and also very un-accomplished cuz i don't have it together enough to even be in a relationship let alone have a solid foundation [big enough house or sound finances] to be able to even think about having a child. i know i shouldn't beat myself up about it and i know that things happen to different people at different stages in their lives for a reason, but idk...just reminds me of how much more work i have to do til i can consider myself "settled"
-----i like to recycle! yes that's right, i like to recycle. now i know it isn't really a true "activity" in the general sense of the term but i enjoy it never-the-less. mainly cuz i like to see how much i can accumulate before having to put it out. haha. if i'm out somewhere and i have a beverage in a recyclable container i am always a nerd and bring it home with me to make sure it gets recycled. it makes me angry when people don't recycle. really angry. a lot of my neighbors around me don't recycle....grrrrrrrrrrr. like it takes zero effort...or well what, TWO EXTRA MINUTES A WEEK to take the can out to the curb and bring it back in. TWO FRIGGEN MINUTES A WEEK!!!!! shit, seriously!
-----i'd just like to let you all know that in my life, i have had my hands on both a human liver and a lung. hahaha and i wasn't being some ax murderer and chopping someone up! this happened in 2006 when i went to see the body worlds exhibit of plastinated bodies when it was touring the country. it was pretty insane to see all the different bodies and they way they were presented and all the different systems that make us up. i'm not sure that i would ever donate my entire body to something like this but i def want to be an organ donor if i'm healthy enough to do so at the time of my death or if i die unexpectedly at a young enough age. not that i want to kick it early or anything so i hope this isn't going to jinx me. [i totally added that last part out of pure paranoia. hahaha]
-----whenever i see/hear something about kirk cameron all i think to myself is the word "douche" hahaha. i mean, i have nothing nice to say about him or even think about him cuz he's a homophobe who has actively attempted to convert LGBT people to be straight and he continuously spreads hate and lies under the guise of being a "good christian" and all about god. i'm sorry but god doesn't seem to me like the type to hate anyone. i mean most religions talk about "his" [or "her" if you believe that] message being nothing but love and beauty, so spreading hate about certain groups you don't like or agree with in the name of god doesn't seem very consistent with a message of love and it is pretty friggen ugly. idk, that's just me though. maybe kirky boy thinks hate is great and that his image of being a child star will help him get away with it but at the end of that day, he's still just a pompous hateful DOUCHE and come on mr. cameron, no one likes a d-bag!
-----i've started to sell some of my vinyl...i didn't necessarily want to but its about time i downsized a little and also i need some cash. i asked myself, those rage against the machine records i've had sitting on a shelf and haven't touched in over a decade....do i really need them or should i generate some income off of them? i think you can guess what i did! hahaha. its funny cuz yeah like rage a little but idk how i ended up with all of their albums and a limited edition 7inch. hahaha. i mean, some stuff i'm holding onto for now cuz i love it so much, like my green day vinyl and other stuff, but other shit that i don't care that much about is up for grabs. i don't have a complete list right now cuz i'm still going thru stuff, but i'll be posting it on fb what i have.
-----i just saw blue is the warmest color this weekend....wow. just....woah. hahaha. i plan to write about it more at length later. but for now....just remember this....they used fake stunt pussies! hahaha
-----the new warpaint album has been like IMPOSSIBLE to get my hands on! there were like zeeerrrro leaks out there that i could find and now that it is actually out, every time i try to get it on soulseek, it crashes the program. its really weird. i've had that happen once or twice before with different stuff. but i mean, if i have to pay for it, i will. i'm not a completely rotten theeeeeeif! hahaha
-----hey! do you have twitter!?! i know tons of people do and i don't...hahahaha.....but if you do, you should follow rock hudson! @rock_hudson1 for the latest on what we are up to and what shows we have coming for you! i'm thinking about getting my own account too....we'll see!
-----so...i've lost fourteen pounds so far this year! woooooo!!!! yayayayayaaaa!!!!!!


duuuuuuuude!!!! seriously the best xmas gift evvvvverrrrrr!!!! i got this a little after the new year from my friend heidi aka bassist extraordinaire of -ghostmouse- it is freaking ammmmazzzzzingggg!!! it is exactly what it looks like it is, a miniature guitar amp in a pack of cigarettes. yoooooooooo!!!! hahaha. it is made by smokey amps and i have to say, this little sucker sounds hot. it is powered by a 9v battery and you control the volume thru the volume knob on your guitar, and the louder you go, the more gain on it. i love lots of gain so you know i had this baby cranked! haha you can also use it as a head to power a cabinet waaaaay bigger than it is [4, 8 or 16 Ohm speaker cabinet, including a 4x12] which is like whoooaaaaaaaa. i also discovered on their site that it can even be used as a fuzz box if you hook it to the input of another amp. i have yet to try it but seriously WHOAAAA!!!! this little guy is amazing and can do so much. insanity! one of the best gifts i've ever gotten for sure!


okay so my thoughts are scattered at the moment cuz i've been running non-stop for the past week. i got a new job so i've been working again which has been really, really good but i've been focusing on doing a good job there and less on the blog....but i will not let this slide, i promise! i just need to adjust to things again and shit, get myself in a routine and all. and i do have a few things started for this section but they need some more work and i don't feel like finishing them today and half-assing them when i could make them better if i just wait a few days to give it the proper attention. also, this post is long overdue so i'm gonna just not have anything here and go forward in the next post or two. yep!


mackintosh braun made for us [don't say it doesn't matter anymore...this song just gets inside my head and i seriously want to listen to it ten times in a row everytime i hear it. i have yet to explore the rest of their stuff, but if its anything like this track is, i know i won't be disappointed. i will try to remember to report back at a later date about it]


tell me what yooooou think! sound off in the comments!


fin xo -hoos


Thursday, January 2, 2014


august 5th, 2007- 2:53 am


FIRST POST OF 2014 SUCKA!!!!!  here's to a year full of dorkiness, great music, awesome photographs, kickass art, and more random epicness! i really wanna push this shit to a bigger audience in 2014 so help a HOOS out and tell your peeps to read this blog too. i will lurrrv you forever yo!



-----i have decided that i'm going to share a song on fb every day of 2014. not that its a big stretch cuz i share songs almost every day anyway, but i'm going to make it a commitment to do it EVERY day! i might put a short anecdote about it too, personal or otherwise. i'm going to keep a list of what i post and at the end of the year see what patterns emerge and who were the most popular artists.
-----there is talk amongst myself and some of my hot lady rocker friends to start an all chick nirvana cover band. OH FUCK YESSSS!!!!! i've already called dibs on bass cuz i wanna do it to get my feet wet playing a different instrument than drums in a band. i know some of the nevermind bass lines and am raring and ready to learn more! i will keep you hookerz posted as this develops further yo!
-----i haven't listened to rancid all that much in recent years. i was never a huge fan but i had some of their records when i was a kid [i still have a 7inch laying around too] and i think i even had a shirt...hmm....not 100% on that one. but yeah, i hadn't heard them in a while when the other night i heard one of their songs and i was just struck by how incredibly AWFUL tim armstrong's voice is. like wow, i don't know how i missed that before! hahaha. i like the energy in their music but his voice man, it just ruins it for me. it's dreadfully atonal, flat, and he doesn't really do anything with it dynamics wise. just not good at all. hahaha. any future listenings of rancid will need to be done in short bursts or i'll have to listen to only the songs that lars frederiksen sings lead on. haha
-----another band i can think of in the same light is beat happening cuz i like the music a lot and the cute little sweet nature they have but man calvin johnson's voice just CRUSHES it for me. in fact, i think his voice kills me more than tim armstrong's does. hahaha. he has this eeeeery, god awfully loooow voice that just booms and drones and drones and DRONES....to me that kind of defeats the purpose of the cute feel of the songs, ammmm i right here? it is one of the deepest i've ever heard and no there's nothing wrong with a deep voice, but not when its completely void of tone! i feel like i'm listening to jangly indie-pop with ben stein on the mic. geez! CJ's voice is considerably lower than BS' is but you get the idea. idk tho...i listen to BH in short increments and i can handle it but it is interesting, the twee and cutesy nature of the music juxtaposed with that voice on the complete opposite side of the scale. not a pairing i would think of naturally...yeah. to quote this article that was extremely succinct and well written:  "either you love beat happening or you want to grab calvin johnson by the balls" honestly, i think i kind of fall in between! [you know that now i'm gonna of course go have a binge listen to them. haha]
-----now i know, i know, it is pretty obnoxious of me to insult two other singers in general but also when i myself sing for a band and am not like you know whitney houston or celine dion or some other chick with an incredible and well trained voice. i'm not all that good at it but i don't claim to be. i'm pretty new at it and am still trying to get the hang of it and i know i'm never going to be super great at it. but still i mean, i have some range and don't just sing in a droning, flat monotone! i try to mix it up at least. haha. i'm evil. so.... sorry mr. johnson and mr. armstrong, i'll try and be nicer in the future. hahahaha
-----also, i do have to say, i really DO genuinely love and respect bands that aren't the most technically skilled and who can't play all that well [or in some cases really at all] but who go out and do it anyway. i love that spirit and that is part of the reason why i said i'd become the lead singer when VH evolved into -ghostmouse- because i had that spirit in mind. sure i had never done more than backing vocals before, but i've got a loud voice and shit to say, so it seemed like a natural evolution to me. i didn't let the fact that i haven't done it before or that i'm playing drums instead of guitar stop me. look at someone like meg white. she can't do much behind a drum-kit but it worked for their sound and didn't stop her. shit, she's a grammy award winner! the part of me that does like beat happening, that is what i'm thinking about, the fact that they barely knew what they were doing but it never stopped them. i can honestly say, i have the utmost respect for that.
----i just want to say that the day i learned the keyboard short cut for "paste" [ctrl-v] my life was permanently altered. it is the single most awesome thing i have learned recently. hahaha. okay maybe not, but it certainly makes doing this shit a lot easier!
-----whhhhaaaaaattttttt is this i hear?????!?!?! the power puff girls are coming BACCCCKKKK!!!!!! yessssssss!!!!!!! you can go here to get a look at the synopsis and a video clip. the girls, and the overall animation as a whole, look different than in the original version, but apparently the original voice cast is back on board which is really rad and more important to me. i think i would find that more disconcerting than the characters not looking exactly the same, to hear them talk and not have "their" voice come out of their cartoony mouths. that is what happened when i watched the buffy season 8 motion comic, none of the original actors from the tv show voiced their characters and it just never felt right for me. those voices and their manner of speaking were so ingrained in my head as belonging to the specific characters on the show. and really, you can't get anyone besides alyson hannigan to pull off willow, i mean come on! haha. annnyyyyway, back to the PPG! not sure if this is going to be a one-off, as this is being billed as a "special," but hopefully more episodes are going to follow. i will be all over that shit!
-----speaking of BTVS i've been thinking about making a buffy post. it is one of my all time fav shows/series and i nerd out soooooo epically hard for it, so i think it might be time to gather up my resources and ramble on about it for a post! hahahaha.
-----i just saw a current pic of nada surf and boy did they NOT age well. wow. hahahaha.
-----i am not a fan or a user of the phrase "that awkward moment when..." just thought that i would put that out there for 2014 yo.



and for today's "hmmmmm" entry, we shalt talk about STIIIICKKKKKERSSSSSS!!!!!! [i never said i'd keep this section 100% serious! hahaha]

ooo la la! hoosatron in paris!!!!!!!!! hell yeah! a few months back i met a nice guy from france and gave him some stickers to take back with him. i asked him to snap a picture if he put any up but i wasn't expecting one this ridiculously awesome!!! so so rad!!! i posted it to fb initially and i said that i live vicariously thru my stickers which is totally true. one day i will travel the world, but until then, my stickers will make the journey for me! hahaha. if anyone reading this is planning to travel internationally any time soon, and doesn't mind a little vandalism, hit me up and i'll send you some stickers! "i've" been to london and now to paris. lets see where else i can go!

speaking of the hoos stickers, i'm almost out of these guys which is the 2011 version. i usually make a new version every three years so it looks like in 2014, i've got a new sticker to design!

the cat one is the 2005 version and the schematic is the 2008 version. i also happen to have the schematic design tattooed on my left arm [it was originally made as a tribute to someone and not intended for future vandalism] scope the violet hour action there too! hahahaha.
as long as i can remember, my whole entire life really, i have allllways loved sticky things. i have always been fascinated with tape and liquid adhesives [liquid adhesives are like !!!!!! for me. and NO i don't sniff them! haha] stickers in particular were just like WHOA and my favorite thing to get. i loved to get them as a kid and then when i started getting into punk music and culture, all the bands seemed to have their own stickers which was like DOUBLY awesome. rad music and stickers on top of it? hell yeah! i still love band stickers and snatch them up every chance it get to pepper my belongings with. i love to steal the shipping labels from the post office and make custom stenciled hoos stickers too, though i haven't made a new batch of them in a while. also cool is to take random stickers people hand out for whatever promo reason and spray paint over them and make my own designs too. i've been able to get different shapes and sizes this way which is cool. i of course am also a big fan of the "hello my name is" stickers and i'd really like to track them down in other languages. anyhoo, read on for a little history on the sticker making follies of von HOOSATRON!
my first forays into making my own stickers were when i had my first zine in high school, toast and donuts***. i made crude designs by printing out the words, then drawing on the pictures [look at those crummy little "donuts"! hahaha] and putting it all together by hand. i then scanned them [on a really crappy scanner!] into my computer and made a master printout. on top of that printout i would tape a plain white label, put the master back into the printer, and hit print again so the design would print on the label. i had to make them one by one but it was still rad, my own sticker yo! there prob were easier ways i could have gone about it but i thought i was pretty genius at the time. hahaha. a few of them survived thru the years and one of them still adorns my guitar amp.
my next design didn't come until 2004 when i whipped up a little gem for the election that year in the form of my infamous bushzilla design. hahahaha. i loved this one! pretty simple, i got the line-drawing of the monster body from a guttermouth cd [man i actually listened to them at one point? hahaha] and the head came from a photograph i took of a t-shirt with ol' bushy-poo's head on it. i made photocopies of both, sized them correctly, and then just a little scissor and glue action to put it all together; there really wasn't much to it. these guys weren't originally designed as a sticker but just as something funny to do during my summer off from school. they became a sticker after i showed the design to a friend and either he suggested it or....hmmm...well idk it just ended up morphing into a sticker! haha. these were the first ones i started putting up in public spaces and several of them made it to the streets of philadelphia and nyc. i had the most fun with them plastering them all over my college campus, in particular EVERY SINGLE ONE of the young republican club fliers that i saw. hahaha. man i tortured the shit out of them, it was amaaaaaazing! every time i saw a new flier, it was hit immediately. they never found out who i was either. hahaha. hell yeah! some of these bad boys made their way to other college campuses thru friends at different schools as well. these were also self produced but i was a little more sophisticated in that i used a photocopier and full size label paper to make them in batches [i still do that to this day to run quick and smaller batches of stuff] it was a joy to cut them all out by hand that is for sure!
as for the hoos stickers, they ended up kind of just happening. in 2005 i had recently adopted the name hoos [it is a family name, however, it is not my legal last name. someday i will do an "origins of hoos" post] and had taken a picture of my cat, fritz, yawning and it looked like he was roaring. i was playing around with it in photoshop and made it look like a cut out and then just for the hell of it added my name to it. it was the first time i realized the potential of using my name-legal or otherwise haha- to make a statement or to identify it with a specific object and "brand" it. in any case, i thought it looked really cool and was like "what if i make this into a sticker?" i decided that i didn't want to deal with cutting out another big batch by hand so i went to a company i knew a friend had used with good results some years back, sticker guy. i've gone with them ever since cuz they do a great job and i have always gotten quality results from them. the only downside is that for non-bulk orders [i think they consider 5,000 or more bulk...maybe 2,000....the most i've ever ordered was 1,000 and it was not considered a bulk order] they don't have the fastest turn around [about six weeks, though i did get one order once in only four] but i have yet to find a company with better prices: for 1,000 2 1/4" squares its $104 postage paid, and for the budget minded band or artist, you can't beat that. as i said before the 2008 version was originally designed as a tribute tattoo and i ended up really liking the design so again i said "why not make it into a sticker?" only the 2011 version was specifically designed to become a sticker. i wised up by 2011 and realized i should have my blog address on it so people could find me and so that i could hand them out to people i was meeting to make a connection with them. for the 2014 version, i'm not sure yet if i'm going to keep my special heart [a lot of people think its a "B" but its not, its a heart] and incorporate that into the new look or if i'm going to go in a completely new direction. hmmmm.....we shall see!
i love getting random texts, tags on instagram and fb, and messages from people who have seen my stickers around. if you happen upon any of them out there, don't be shy, take a pic and hit me up with it! also like i said, if you're traveling -internationally or even just to another part of the states- or live somewhere far from me and don't mind some vandal action, get in touch and i will hook you up with goodies yo!

this is a little bonus here! some titti! action. hahahaha. i played drums and sang for this surfy-dancey-punk band in 2005/06. i made it my mission during my tenure to not only rock the skins, but also to plaster our stickers ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE and of course document the evidence when i could. this shot is from kim's music and video when it was still located on st. mark's place. i need to go thru my old blog to get some of the shots and look through my old hard drive for stuff and i'll post it. one of my fav parts of being in a band is getting to design stickers and plastering them all over the known universe! haha. -ghostmouse- stickers WILL be coming soon, you can bet on that!

***one of my projects for 2014 is going to be re-assembling the issues of toast and donuts [i believe i made.....hmmm...ten altogether] and either putting out a "best of" in zine form or putting stuff up online...maybe both. i have long since lost the originals along the course of my life [they most likely were the casualty of the great basement flood of 2011] and i never did keep copies of them for myself either which was dumb, but a few friends have told me that they still have copies so i will be reaching out to them to borrow their copies. also included will be the other zine i did immediately following td, which was called frump. stay tuned for updates yo!

and you know i just couldn't resist adding in a little history on the eiffel tower. hahaha



beat happening indian summer [i'm sure some stupid hipsters who don't know their history thought that ben gibbard of death cab wrote this cuz he does do an absolutely incredible cover of it [which you should look up immediately] but alas, they would be wrong, it is beat happening all the way. the music is so simplistic, the guitar part is what three notes? over and over again, and the vocals are...well, they're the vocals haha....but there is just something so pure and primal about this song. i'd be hard pressed to find a song similar to the simple beauty of this one]

bewitched ["what am i to do? i got a crush on you" yeah!]

rancid- olympia [love the guitar intro and the energy but then....man, when tim comes in and then esp when he ends the first verse with the line about pinball machines....ugh. hahahaha. this is the song that prompted my condemnation of mr. armstrong's voice when i was talking to a friend one night about it. and contrary to the title, the song is not about BEING in olympia, wa it is about WANTING TO BE in olympia. all of the landmarks he mentions are not in olympia, rather they are in nyc. its funny i drew beat happening into this cuz they are from olympia but i wasn't thinking of that when i initially made the comparison on the vocals]


sound your mouths off in the comments yo!

fin-xo hoos