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Thursday, February 6, 2014


hey kids...here are some things happening SOON in JC and NYC that i am excited about! woot! i tried to list them in chronological order or at least an order that made sense to me...hahahaha. click on any of these photos to make them bigger and therefore easier to read! ha!



my first show of 2014!!! this is happening TOMORROW night so try and come, purdy please! work by me and over thirty other JC artists. can't wait!

looooove me some thundera! they have played at rock hudson twice and i really need to get out to see them somewhere else. great ladies, great songs, great band!

OMG CAN'T EVEN WAIT FOR THIS SHIT!!!!! it is the upcoming rock hudson, which we've been hyping it up alllllll month, and now it is finally upon us! it is going to be so much fun! we have the awesome musical talents of amber amour, the bleed, BOYS, pussywolf , and michelle marrero for you and we also have so much else going on: trivia for FREE drinks and KINKY prizes, COOL drink specials $5 Coor's Lite and Vodka Cranberry, and an epically RAD date auction for hot rocker babes. i'll be on the auction block, so come bid on my hoosy ass! hahahaha. even better, it is FREE!!!! come on and hang with us :)
while we're on the subject of rock hudson,  here is the info on our march event too! we are featuring a variety act from louisville, KY, mondo a go go, and we are super excited to present their first performance in the big apple! they will be singing, dancing, doing drag and burlesque, fan dancing, contortion, chair dances and soooo much more! rh is normally a free event but since they are coming from so far away, we are asking for a $5minimum donation to help offset their costs. if you can afford to donate more, by all means, please do! we will also have our usual trivia and fun with the crowd too!
looking to party on valentine's day?! well look no further than turnt up friday: drunk in love presented by dj nikki lions and the alllll new henrietta hudson. hot music, cool contests, and even better, i will be working this party so come on and say hi! share this event on fb or tweet it for 1/2 price entry [show your phone at the door]. nikki is there every friday DJing and i love her sets! come scope it!

wanna have some fun on thursday nights? here it is! every thursday night come enjoy happy hour prices all night long 9pm-4am and drink the week's stress away! i work this party every week too so come on and say hi to me!
members of the rh family, autumn city, are playing at the saint in asbury park, nj on friday march 7th. they have advanced tickets available so follow that link to get in contact with the band to score some, they are gonna go fast so doooo it!
plastiq passion are good friends of mine, as well as long time members of the rh family of bands, and -ghosemouse- shares our guitarist with them! super excited that their newest album, every which way,  is coming out next month. i've heard a rough mix of it and it is AWESOME! can't wait for the final product! come check this show out on saturday march 8th to join in the celebration!
okay...i think that's it....if i forgot something, i'll add it back in later. love that "edit post" feature. hahaha
ae you going to any of these nyc events? tell me in the comments!
fin xo -hoos


Saturday, February 1, 2014

do the mating call!

behold, baby satan! aka the most fuuuukkkkked up looking baby doll i have ever gazed upon. hahahaha. i took this some years back [like 2006] on a shitty camera-phone [you know, the sexy flip phone variety with suuuuper awesome resolution] because i knew i had laid eyes upon satan in plastic baby doll form and i wanted proof for when i told the story to the world. hahahahahahahahaha. i'm pretty sure this was posted at some point in my old blog....i might post the  URL to it sometime...we shall see.

sorry for raping your minds. hahahaha.



-----i have a little paper cut on the tip of my left ring finger right now. idk how i got it but it hurts when i type! go away little fukker cut!!!!
-----since starting 2014, i've got with a theme of positivity. i had a weird 2013....just a really odd year and a crappy holiday season to cap it off. but i decided to forget all that and move forward. i've made big changes this year in only a short amount of time and i'm really happy about it! i started working again at a job that really suits me [i'm barbacking at a lesbian bar in nyc, the legendary henrietta hudson, which is a place i've become invested in thru doing the rock hudson shows there. it was only natural that i took the next step and started "actually" working there. its at odd hours so i'm all about that! haha and it is fast paced, physical, and i hardly stop moving the whole night, just the kind of job i love! i love the constant motion of a physical job like that. i would wither and die if i had to be chained to a desk for work. haha] i have been focusing on playing bass more [see below], i have been trying to eat a little better and have cut back on rampant snacking [my utter downfall along with soda which still remains a challenge but i have been a wee bit better with it so i'll take it], i have been doing an exercise routine each day [squats, crunches, pushups, and leglifts. we build on it a little more each day to make it harder!] with an online buddy joining in long distance so we can keep each other motivated, the result of working and doing the exercises has been TWENTY pounds lost in a month, -ghostmouse-  has been making crazy awesome progress [we have TEN songs just about under wraps plus SIX more originals on the docket, one awesome cover, and we also have tons of "scraps" meaning riffs and stuff we've all recorded on our own to work with to build up into further songs. its awesome! we plan to do some self recordings soon and are talking some basic merch and shows coming up. i'll keep ya hookerz posted] and i have been hardcore working on my house to make it a neat and clean and NICE dorky little place to live! it ain't the ritz by any means, but just cuz its small, doesn't mean it has to be a dump like it has been. there are other things too, but those are the major ones. i'm feeling really good about these changes and am hoping to continue to build upon them as the year goes forward!
-----my eyes are permanently scarred and my brain irreparably damaged.....i just saw a commercial for the "official" justin beiber fragrance. really that little tool has a "fragrance"? i can't stand him and his entitled douche-baggery. i have long avoided ever listening to any of his music and had never heard anything by him until the other day when i was subjected to a clip of one of his early songs [when he still had a girly voice] and i was so pissed cuz now i technically can't claim i've never heard him anymore. grr. that ten second clip ruined my life!
-----i really think that if kurt cobain had lived to see them, he really would have enjoyed sleater-kinney. can you just imagine what a collaboration between him and them would sound like?!??????
-----i have to say that the day i discovered spray adhesive, that was honestly one of the best days of my life! hahahaha
-----my good pals, DISPOSABLE, just did a recording session where they laid down two tracks. omg SO GOOD! i get the chills listening to chen's voice, i really do. i met him way back when i used to be his boss in like 05/06 and i knew he liked punk rock and ska stuff and we would talk about it but never knew he played and certainly did not know the set of pipes he was hiding. i'm so glad he formed this band and is making some really special music with his bro, jay disposable on drums/backing vocals and mo disposable slapping the bass. go here to score the tracks 100% FREE!!! i just missed their latest show which i was sad about but i had to work that night and work comes first. i need to earn that munny, munny yo! hahaha
-----every time i seem some joker on ebay charging some insane amount for something that is worth not even close to what they're asking, i want to message them and tell them they are an ass. hahaha i just saw someone asking $2,900 for pickup covers and knobs from 1956. just the knobs and pickup covers....not the guitar. wow. yes vintage is nice but dude for almost three grand, i'll buy a whole guitar, not some measly little parts for one.
-----ooooo i love geeking out on buffy with people. hahaha. like LOOOOVE IT!!!!! i haven't watched it in a bit...i think its time i do a "one thru one forty four" which is hoos speak for watching all the episodes back to back....even the crappy lame ones that pop up throughout the early seasons. haha.
-----sometimes i sit around and ponder things....deep things....things like....why and how can anyone actually enjoy the taste of asparagus? hahahahahaha. i really wanna know. i used to cringe in fear every time my dad would make it [and he made it a lot cuz he loves it!] with dinner when i was a kid. i have avoided it for years as an adult. i don't get how people can like its yucky mealy texture or its ugly bitter taste! man! but hey, maybe its just my taste buds are out of whack and it tastes like sweet sugar to everyone else. you never know!
-----suuuuper excited that one of my fav instrumental post rock bands, kerretta, is coming out with some new material. they have a 7inch coming out with their new single, "his streets of honey, her mouth of gold" the disc will also include an exclusive vinyl only b-side which makes it a super tempting offering. it comes out on 3/21 and is a limited run. the band will have copies on their european tour and there will also be a pre-order through golden antenna. i'm debating if i should get this or not...cuz i really love these guys, but i'm short on cash and should not be buying records! i did get a new job and have been selling crap on ebay tho....so i mean, i can spare a few bucks now...but i have to be good and not go out and spend all my money on stuff and save it up yo! hahaha. so....we'lllllll seeeeeee!!! i'm super annoyed they aren't going to be in the states on tour but maybe later in the year. i've been dying to check these guys out live but they are never here! grrrrrr!
-----i have decided that i want to invest in a sexy fender jazz bass at some point this year. now that i'm generating cash again, i can make it a reality. also since i'm planning a nirvana  cover band with my friends, i've been playing a lot more so i can justify owning a more expensive instrument. i have a short scale bass which is super smooth when i'm playing it but it is crappy and can't really be played plugged in cuz the one pick up is effed and its too cheap of an instrument to bother replacing the pickup. haha. i have another cheap bass but its full sized so it is harder for me to play though i can plug it in. i could get by with it for a while, its not great but its solid enough, and i know its a good workout for my hands to play on the full sized neck, so i will have it for a while and will prob use it as a backup even when i upgrade. but i recently went to a friend's house who also plays lefty and played her jazz bass and it was instant and total looooove. such a smooth neck and great action so i def need to invest in one to maximize my playing. i like the body shape of the fender p bass better and it's classic styling, but for a more playable instrument that will work for me, my money is on the jazz bass. i found a used one that has some imperfections, but is still totally playable, for a killer price on ebay....i'm going to watch it for now and see if maybe no one buys it i can get it in a month or so....otherwise they are $600 new for the MIM* division which is a little steep for me now, but not a bad price overall [*made in mexico. they are i think in the $1300 range for the american made ones which is out of the question for me for the foreseeable future. the MIM's are very serviceable instruments and i've had a MIM strat for years and it is a solid instrument]  once i have secured a fender bass then i will be set with my main instruments all being solid and by my fav and most trusted brands, premier for drums [i've been playing their stuff in one form or another-marching and regular drum set stuff- for almost twenty years], gibson for guitars [specifically the mighty black on black SG], and fender for bass guitars. of course, i would love to own a fender mustang bass but to find one of those lefty, yeah right! they don't make them now and i actually don't know if they ever did. the only way i'm getting one is if i have one custom made thru the fender custom shop and that is a looooong way off before i can afford something like that!
-----ugh my car has decided to hate the fuuuuuck out of me recently. i had an accident like two months back but it wasn't horrific so it got fixed and i only had to pay the $500 deductible which was good cuz it needed like $3,000 in repairs! but they didn't fix the brakes and gave me my car back with basically no brake pads and grinding on metal. awesome. when i called the insurance company about it, they claimed that it "wasn't part of the accident" and that i had to have it fixed independently...for another $350!!!! okay sure, i get they didn't want to pay for it, but what mechanic would put their name on a half finished repair? they could have called me and let me know what was going on and given me the option to pay for the added repair. but still....i think it was part of the accident and they just didn't want to pay for it. ugh. eff insurance companies!!! and then just the other day the battery died....twice! but luckily the gods were looking down upon me and it was just a loose battery terminal cuz it would have been another few hundred if it were something like the alternator. i live right next to a great repair shop, happy's garage, and they are always cool, especially the one guy who always helps me, jeff. they fixed it for me free of charge which was really nice of them to do! i really appreciated it cuz i ain't got no money for dat shit! if you're local in north jersey and need repairs, check em out yo! so hopefully my car will be good to me for a while and i won't have to make any more repairs!
-----i've decided that every time i go to the store and the receipt pops up with a survey to win a giftcard or something, i'm gonna do it and try to win! hahaha. the ones at target are like $1500 and since i don't work there anymore, i'm tooootes elligible!!! i could use a free $1500 yo  
-----i said i was going to post a song on fb every day of 2014 and so far i have kept up every day except for yesterday but i made up for it by posting a full album. i'm posting stuff i like and is interesting and trying to offer some anecdotes about each track. i also used the opportunity to start posting shit by my first band, the amazing OVERLY KLOTHED FAT LADIES. hahahahaha. if you follow that link you can get to some of our music yo. you will never hear something so ROCK in all your life yo!


this week a great tragedy struck the world of internet cats and beyond when the beloved colonel meow, the scotch drinking, long haired, badass feline internet star and leader of the free world, passed over the rainbow bridge. i was sitting at the computer, with my baby, bella-bop, purring on my lap when my eyes glanced over the post. i gasped and said "oh no!" and just started to cry as i clutched my girl close to my heart. it was a kick in the gut, i felt like i lost one of my own, i LOVED him sooooo much! his posts and zany pictures made me so happy! i imagined the unbelievable sorrow his human must be going thru. if i loved him so much and i never even met him, what she was feeling must be crippling.

see that's the thing, losing a pet is devastating and leaves a horrible pain behind that can feel crippling at times. non-pet people don't ever get this and say "its just an animal" even my dad has that attitude and he's been a cat "owner" [i don't like that phrase. i don't feel as though i "own" my animals, rather i am their human and they are my companion] for over thirty five years. "its just a cat" he says. but no, i beg to differ. my four babies: bella-bop, thomas, jeffrey, and fergusen aka "puggy" are members of the family. to lose one of them would crush me. especially, BB, i will be just shattered the day she has to go away. i know you aren't supposed to have favorites, but she is my little angel and makes me so happy, i can't help it. she may pee on my blankets and poop on the floor sometimes, but to live my life without her after having had her in it? UGH! i live in fear of the day when she is going to leave me for heaven. who else is going to so artfully drape their whole body on my legs as i sleep? who else is going to be the leader of the "occupy mommy" movement? [i joke about this because she so often likes to be in physical contact with me, "occupying" my lap and my legs when i lay down]

when i lost the first cat i ever got on my own, my sweet, sweet jasper aka noney it was just....ugh. i was really depressed at the time so i couldn't really feel the loss as it happened. i mean, i did a little bit, but i was blocked to all emotions and only recently has it struck me hard, almost two years later. he was the best boy anyone could have asked for, not one mean bone in his body! he never even hissed once in his whole life. oh! so sweet! he died of a common problem for male cats, he had a blockage in his bladder that backed up and damaged his kidneys to the point of no return. i now feel so guilty because i feel like it was my fault. he let us know he was in distress the evening before he died...but it was just as the regular vet was closing so i didn't call them and i didn't feel i could afford the emergency vet which is EXTREMELY expensive [they charge you like $500 just to be seen, nevermind any procedures].

like i said, i was so depressed at the time, i was barely caring for myself, so the next morning when he was still acting strange, i just took him to lay with me so i could watch him and didn't take him to the vet. finally steve came home in the early afternoon on his lunch break to check on jasper and yelled at me [very rightfully so] that i needed to take him in asap. i did and within an hour he was gone. the vet was very caring and personally called me to tell me which i appreciated cuz he could have had a tech call me. he also did not charge me for the procedure which he was performing to help save noney; he died in the middle of it. another less caring vet might have sent me a bill along with the sympathy card. this is the first time i have really talked about this openly and admitted it was my neglect that probably cost my beautiful boy his life.

looking back now, if i could do it over again, i should have called the regular vet on the off chance
they were still there to see if they could take him. if they couldn't have, i should have rushed him to the emergency vet and begged, borrowed, or stole the money to pay the bill. i should have done everything in my power to help him and i really feel that i didn't. true, i was in an impaired state and was at the point of barely getting out of bed each day and had stopped bathing and taking care of myself [i was actually hospitalized for severe depression a few weeks later] but still....i was the one who was supposed to protect and take care of him no matter what. that was the deal and i didn't live up to my end. he was so innocent and needed my protection and in the end, i didn't give it to him.

so many things could have been different and he'd probably still be here. if only he'd let me know an hour earlier cuz he did, he did "tell" us by making loud distressed grunting noises. if only i brought him in earlier. if only this wasn't a horrible problem that plagues male cats. ugh. "if only" i hate that phrase too. i also thought it might be the case of his leg/hip which he had injured a few years prior. when that happened, i watched him overnight and things were fine. i thought maybe it might be the case again but it terribly wasn't. every second i wasted hemming and hawing, every excuse i made about the emergency vet being too expensive, every time i said "oh its just his leg bothering him," i was slowly killing him. it is a tough thing to think about and seeing that the mighty colonel had passed, it brought the feelings to the forefront of my heart and mind. [it hasn't been released yet by "slave beast," aka CM's human, but i read on another website that it was the result of cardiac arrest brought on by a kidney infection. male cats can suffer from terrible problems with the urinary tract and they are so often fatal because its not always easy to detect until it is way too late. it killed a cat i had as a kid, spike, also at a tragically young age, barely a year and a half. noney was four and CM was just over two]

i know that he forgave me tho, because a few months after he passed, i was blessed with the addition of thomas in my life who has brought me so much light and joy. i fully and wholly believe that noney is his real father [not biologically obviously, but spiritually] and he sent his son to me so i would forgive myself [i'm working on it] and not have to be sad. thomas was conceived right after noney died and tho he is a bright orange stripey boy and looks nothing like noney did, oh but he acts soooo much like him!!!! he is the epitome of sweet and just loves everyone exactly like his daddy did. he has only hissed once in his life, when i accidentally startled him when he was running around the house and he collided with my leg. haha. he was a kitten and fiercely hissed at my leg! he even likes to lay RIGHT ON TOP of my phone, even when its ringing, just like noney would! i really wish that my pretty black boy were still here with me every day but he is never far from my thoughts or my heart.

losing a pet is just an awful experience to go thru and i don't wish it on anyone. what i do wish is that they could live forever, or at least longer than 12-15 or so years. it isn't enough time. my mom still cries when she talks about the boy i grew up with, oscar, who was a very old man when he went to heaven, and he has been gone for ten years now. i had his pawprint and name tattooed over my heart shortly after his death. i can only hope that "slave beast" [i think her real name is anna] will get thru this and i appreciate that she has expressed setting up a charity in the colonel's name to help other cats in need. i also know that the mighty sir meow will live on in our hearts and that he will continue to command us, his lowly minions, from the afterlife!!! it is his will!!!


 colonel meow 2011-2014 [this is my absolute fav pic of him. it shows his true power and dominance but also his grace as a leader. hahaha. i printed it out a while back and have it glued to my guitar amp and a copy hanging in my room. i also hilariously referred to him as "lord zenu" which was actually thought up by my friend, julie, aka the singer of violet hour. i think "lord" was a more fitting title for a cat clearly so dominant! hahaha]


jasper sassafras hoos aka "noney" 2008- 2012 [he always had a scandalized look on his face. hahaha. he also was constantly in a lounging position cuz he hurt his hip when he was about a year or so old and it never healed. it didn't change his attitude though cuz he was still as friendly as ever, he just shifted to a lounging lifestyle and would climb the furniture to get up on things rather than jumping. i know i have more pics of him around but this was the only one i had of him solo on my computer. steve took this on his phone which was uber shitty at the time and the camera sucked. he put this court jester collar on noney and caused the scandal look! hahaha. our little one, puggy, now infamously sports this collar on a daily basis. jasper was wearing a bowtie collar at the time he passed away and i saved it and keep it with the little box with his ashes in it. one day when it is my time to go, i want my ashes to be scattered with those of my cats]


dandy warhols "cool as kim deal" ["i'd rather be cool than be smart" am i the only person who reverses this in my mind and says "i'd rather be smart than be cool"??? idk. haha. i happen to think it IS cool to be smart, but whatevs, that's just me. haha. when i was in college, i LOATHED the hipster art school types*** who had this attitude and would use art as an excuse to be ignorant. this viewpoint pretty much ENRAGED me and i even gave a talk in one of my classes (at lowly community college, gasp!) about what an idiotic way of seeing things it was. i plan to elaborate on that at a later point in an essay on here....i have a few other things to post first. i'm behind on that! haha. but anyway, i posted this song cuz i was thinking about that before and talking to someone about it and realized i wanted to write about it. also, its a groovy song and i like it a lot! this whole album is full of some really stellar pop-rock songs. def recommended]

***let it be noted that i inherently have nothing against people who go to art school and i probably would have myself after i finished community college, but my life took other turns. i just despise the people who go to these schools to avoid "doing work" as if being an artist is easy [being an artist is one of the hardest things i've ever had to do in my life. and i love every minute of it] or something to "aspire downward" to. these are the same type of kids who had their parents pay for everything [i paid my own tuition, i didn't have loans or grants. i also paid for the majority of all of my books and supplies with my parents helping a little from time to time], didn't have to work and balance a job with classes and assignments [i worked full time], got to live in cool apartments off campus [again paid for by their parents. i lived at home and commuted] and who absolutely used art as an excuse to not have to "learn real stuff" in other words, fucking hipsters. those are the people i can't stand, not legit art students who are passionate, curious about the world, and hard-working. more on this subject later.


tell me what you think yo! sound off in the comments below!


fin xo- hoos