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Friday, July 11, 2014

all day, every day

yeah we do. even if the truth underneath the facade is so so epically wrong and kind of makes zero fucking sense.
philly- summer 2013


i am the alphabet.

-another obsessive listening binge to black moth super rainbow has officially begun. i love a wide range of their material and how prolific they are [as well as their various offshoot projects] but have been listening to their latest, "cobra juicy," a heck of a lot and it makes me smile and takes me to deep places and keeps me going when i'm pissed off or sad. i don't think i really appreciated it's nuances and texture until recently to be honest. i kind of like a record that does that in a way....takes a little bit to get to know, and then once you do get there, it is just in you, fully and completely. i also just acquired tobacco's new solo record "ultima II massage" which is pretty damn awesome. his first solo effort, "fucked up friends" still remains my fav but this is a close second.
-i am working on some "in depth" stuff for this here shit. it is so very true. i like to steal the little moments that i can to work on things. or at least i am planning on making that happen. okay actually its more like i def want to plan to make that happen. haha.
-i find it so goddamn hilarious and amazing when people post stupid extreme right-wing crap on fb [yes, unfortunately there are a few people in my life who fall into this category] and i can cut down their puny surface-level arguments in two seconds flat. and they never have anything to say to it cuz they know they are morons and wrong. but besides even that, whether or not i agree with their particular politics or not, the real crux of the matter is they are posting shit that they didn't even think critically about or all the way through or research/fact check beforehand and it's like, if you want to make an argument about something you don't like or agree with, fine, go for it. just make sure you actually know what you are talking and have researched it and are getting your information from a more reliable source than say, a fucking meme some wacko made up in his mom's basement before you go ahead with a post. kind of makes you look really stupid and ignorant. really really stupid and ignorant. but seriously, it just brightens my day every single time when it involves right wing bs!!!! [so what if i come off as holier than thou? hahahaha. a moron is a moron, for realz]
-speaking of BS internet memes...if you need to post those dumb ass ones that talk about how weird and unusual and strange and odd and unique and different you are....all the time.....do i even need to finish that thought?
-i am currently trying to type this without wearing my glasses. which is really dumb and i'm like three inches from the screen squinting really hard when i so don't have to be. hahaha.
-it kind of depresses me how some people could have it so much better but they either don't even realize it or worse don't do anything about it if they do know. but hey, their life, not mine.
-i was listening to goldfinger's self-titled album recently and it had been a long time. def enjoyed having fond nostalgic thoughts of my beat up cassette copy of it that i would rock while walking back and forth to high school. some quality material there, even today. oh 1996, you were so so awesome.
-"defend yourself" by sebadoh [which came out last year] pretty much brings me to my knees. i could actually say that about a lot of their stuff but there was something pretty special about it and the wait finally being over. sucked to wait fourteen years in between their last album, 1999's "the sebadoh," and this one, but the quality of the collection is so epic that i can forgive it. i have laughed and i have cried while listening to it. you need to own it if you don't. obviously.
-i have decided that while, yes i need to maintain fiscal responsibility in my life, i want to add to my lunchbox collection when i can. i'm making a list of the epic shit i should acquire. yeah sure it is "cheating" to get shit on the internet but i gave up that level of purity a long time ago and don't really give a shit anymore. fact. bam!
-one of the single most exciting things to happen to me recently is that i got a swanky day planner to write out all my shows and stuff in. wow. sooooo exciting. this is like the time i wrote about my electric can opener [which sadly has come to disappoint me greatly. so tragic] haha. i'm so damn interesting, what can i say????
-i love that i am playing guitar in a band now. i wanted that for so so so so so so long. like SOOOOOOOOO fucking long i wanted that shit but it never seemed right until now and i could never find the right person to do it with but that all changed with lady bizness. don't get me wrong, i am a drummer first and always will be, and i love playing drums in -ghostmouse- playing drums is an extension of my body and mind and soul at this point, i could never imagine my life without doing it [actually i can, i didn't play for almost 5 years and it was unbearably AWFUL and i never want to go back to that dark place again] but being able to explore another instrument and discover new things about it and push myself to get better and write songs in a completely new way is pretty gratifying and a bit like a priceless feeling to me.
-i was recently called the ryan seacrest of DIY. hahaha. okay, i'll take it!
-safe choices are easy choices. don't forget it.
-i need to actually work on my uber emo zine project i've had in the back of my mind for the last ten years, "the anonymous letters" def been on my mind a lot lately...


some epic shows i've got going on!!! yeah son!!! more stuff is in the works but these are the ones that are completely booked and flier-ed up and stuff. haha. stay tuned for more shit going on cuz i'm always working on something and in the fall plan to start bringing a monthly theme night presented/curated by the foulest mouthed mermaid thrashy surf punx around, lady bizness! we've been brainstorming some really rad stuff and are looking forward to making it happen. more details to come as time goes on.....!!!!! if you are in a rad band, esp in the nyc/north jersey area, we should prob talk so we can set shit up.

Rock Hudson has been on the map for 2 years now and we are celebrating the only way we know how, with more epic tunes, duh! 5 performaces, free shit, a special look back over our history, and lots of fun to be had! as always, this shit is FREE so NO EXCUSES for not checking it out!
 i didn't organize this shindig but i made the flier. and of course i'm super stoked to be heading down to SI with BOTH of my bands to share in an awesome ladies night with some other bands i adore! this is gonna rule. and it's a cool venue that i played once before with my old band. happy to be going back! it's only 2 blocks from the ferry too so you manhattan peeps quit your bitching and ride that boat over for some fierceness yo.

the biggest show of the summer! SO FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!!! okay maybe the all caps shit is an indicator but yeah, this is gonna be one for the books for sure. 8 bands, all performing a cover song by a first wave Riot Grrrl band in addition to their own awesome original music. plus the most killer punk rock DJ shomi noise, tons of free giveaways- including swag from Riot On & Enlightened Rebel- a stellar venue- Don Pedro- with loads of character and yummy mexican food, and most importantly, a safe place for grrrls and queers and misfits and punx alike to come and be totally un-inhibited for a day. can't beat that! all of this, a whole day epic festival, for only $10, how can you beat that?!?! also a portion of the proceeds will be going to a charity-soon to be announced- and a limited number of pre-sale tickets are now on sale from all bands. all presale ticket holders guarantee themselves a spot at the show AND get to redeem their ticket for a limited edition art print by yours truly. ONLY presale holders get their hands on that shit so don't miss out! again, a mere TEN CLAMS for all of this? uh, FUCK YEAH!!!!

hey come on now, i don't need to take a break after throwing a huge all day fest!!! hahaha. though i did bring it a little lower key for the July 27th Rock Hudson which is happening less than 24 hours after the epic Riot Grrrl fest. this show will be featuring 5 artists, some right out of the RH hall of fame, and some newbies to the floor. also the triumphant return of my dear friend julie bindas-sanchez who was my band mate in violet hour and is now doing some soulful solo work. can't wait for this!!! this flier come courtesy of the super rad-tastic drummer of  lady bizness. love that shit!
come say happy bday to my RH partner jessi and our good pal and super RH supporter, lani! bands hand picked by jessi and all from the hallowed halls of RH, we are gonna have a kick ass night!! we are going to raise money to donate to save the elephants, and all proceeds from the show will go to help this organization dedicated to the well being of the majestic african pachyderms.


lady bizness and ghostmouse are taking a little jaunt down the nj turnpike to run amok in the city of brotherly love for our first show outside of nyc/nj. we are sooooo damn stoked for this shit, let me tellllll you! we have no more room in the car BUT if you wanna bring your car and/or do mass transit, we'd love if some of our NYC queerz could come with us and show Philly how we do up in the Big Apple!!! woooooooo!!!!



i talked about a bunch of different records in this post. how about you take a listen to one of them. do a little detective work and seek out the others i mentioned cuz it will be so worth it.


fin. xo -hoos