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Saturday, October 17, 2015

green glass

the things you see on the bathroom walls of rehearsal spaces. i think this thought to myself at least 40-50 times every single day. also "where are the lucky charms?"




---i've probably already titled a post "green glass" does anyone get the reference?

---the block feature on social media/chat, omg so amazing for my life. the day i accepted that i don't need to constantly answer every single person who messages me asking something (generally needing a show or help for their band) RIGHT AWAY and that i can wait on it a bit or even- GASP- say "i'm sorry but i'm not able to help you with that" well that was a good day. my stress level dropped considerably and i didn't even feel bad about it (cuz i thought i would) i had been so stressed out all the damn time and felt guilty for having to say no or not be able to get to things right at that moment but why? i can't take on the world myself and i have a full time job and my own bands on top of all the other stuff i'm doing and that has to take precedence too so i can continue to be satisfied in that and oh that's right, pay my rent and have my own life. i'm sure your band/projects/ideas are awesome but so are mine and so is my life thank you very much! as for the people who keep persisting and not accepting that i have other commitments and that i'm busy and that i can't drop my priorities for theirs? well then that block button and let me tell you that shit really, REALLY cuts my stress out! HA!

---people who don't tip --or don't tip well-- i hope there is a thing as "bad tipper" karma and that it gets them, like for real. servers/bartenders/etc rely on your tips to make a living and by being cheap and stiffing them, you're taking that away from them and devaluing the work they are doing. you wouldn't want to work for peanuts or for free, would you? no i don't think you would. and if "all you have to spare" is a compliment about how great the service was and a dollar after ordering 12 drinks...maybe you need to think about that and either a) stay home next time and hit up the liquor store or cook your own dinner b) order one less drink or whatever and show REAL appreciation for the person and fucking tip them more than a dollar! compliments are awesome but money to pay the bills, well that is just incredible, isn't it!

---yo those R.E.M. lyrics. all those feels!

---i think one of my new favorite terms is "queerdo" i'm real into it. i doubt it's a new term, it's just new to me and i like it. the end.

---it should be perfectly acceptable that when you meet someone- for dating reasons or otherwise, friendship or whatever, anything really- that asking if they have seen "spaceballs" is a totally valid question. and your decision over whether to proceed or not can be justifiable based on the answer they give you. and as someone who has interviewed hundreds of job applicants in my day, i'd go so far as to say i would ask it in as part of a pre-employment process (i'm kidding haha) if this were a real thing, it def could have saved me a lot of trouble in many areas of my life along the way. HAHAHAHA.

---listening to jet black crayon in the dark without my glasses on.....is "trippy" the word i'm looking for? probably

---the only reason i like when it gets cold again is for the sole fact that it makes my cats a lot more cuddly, especially BellaBop, who likes to drape her entire self onto various parts of my body when i'm sleeping and/or working on my computer or just doing anything that doesn't require me to stand. and i'm a million billion percent on board with her line of thinking.

---i'm going to be 35 in less than 6 months. damn son!

---i just read an article on pitchfork about the end of erase errata (you can read it here, it's a pretty decent article) idk i thought that was already a thing i guess. they've been so inactive the last several years that i just got used to them not really doing stuff and maybe assumed i missed something along the way that they were finished. i saw them a bunch of times back in the early 2000s in 4 different states so i have a lot of fond memories about them. i have to catch up on their latest (and last album) which i apparently really did miss when it came out earlier this year. and maybe dig up some of the vinyl i have of them too so i can give that a listen for old times' sake.


Local H- Eddie Vedder [oh Local H, I still remember you and your glorious 2 piece lineup and your lefty drummer, in the 90s anyway. Been listening to this album and specifically this song--where the album title comes from-- on repeat A LOT lately....]
okay, I understand
but I don't wanna be your friend
I don't need another friend
Got too many friends
If I were Eddie Vedder
Would you like me any better?
That's it
I quit
I don't give a shit
You go ahead, as good as dead...
Until next time....

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