Thursday, August 3, 2017


Basic Bizness Mini Tour

BASIC BIZNESS YA'LL (pic by Krystal)

2 weekends ago, my band Lady Bizness teamed up with Basic Bitches for a mini weekend tour which was pretty freaking rad if I do say so myself. I of course intended to get these pics up sooner but got distracted by life stuff but mostly 3 old hard drives jammed full of pics so I spent more time going through that stuff than I should have without having these done. But there were many gems I unearthed so I was taking a stroll down memory lane and being very distracted by that, boo! There are some epic show pics in there so stay tuned, as I get those sorted I'll post stuff.

Anyyyyyway, take a lil look. The first night was the best in terms of my photographic output, but I got fun shots of BB all 3 days. Any pics of Lady Bizness were obviously not taken by me so I credited who took the pic below it.

To see the pics larger and to scroll thru more easily, click on any pic and use your arrow keys.


Night 1- Milkweed, Sugarloaf NY

First things first, there was a cute kitty in the yard outside and we spent some QT getting pets in before the show. There was also some hula-hooping action which I did not get any pictures of and now regret. Okay, onward to the show pics.......

The Orgonauts [NY pop punk. Their lead singer Gabe hooked the night up and is one of my fellow Punk Island organizers. He also booked one of my old bands in 2006 so we go back a bit!]

Basic Bitches. Our tour mates and #bandbesties They killed it as usual, duhhh

Taking care of Bizness in Sugarloaf (pics by Lysa)

Fat Chance [NJ ska/crust/skate punk. It's been a very long time since I have played with a ska band- and of course I got no good pics of their sax player :/ boo- cuz you know, I'm old lololol. These kids brought the noise and the energy and were a ton of fun to watch. I def would love to shoot them again]


Night 2- Willimantic Records, Willimantic CT

We absolutely LOVE playing at this little hole in the wall record shop. The people are the nicest ever and the proprietor of the shop Joe, is the kindest man and made sure all of us were taken care of with discounted records, gas money for the road, and just an all around welcoming atmosphere.

Damn, stole our record cover idea :/

I'm bad with names so unfortunately I forgot this gentleman's name but he came to see us last time we played there and got our shirt. He came back this time to represent and also purchase some Midge records

I love the window gorilla 4e

Johnny (from Sister Munch) came to hang out got a little meta with the Dead Milkmen hahaha


Connecticut Bizness (pics by Johnny)

Breaking the 4th wall yo

Cuz who doesn't love getting METAAAAAA (and also shallowwwww depth of field) ?????

I didn't get pics of the other bands well I just suck, what can I say? haha


Night 3- O'Brien's, Coram NY

Lady Biz does Long Island for the first time (pic by Naomi)

That's how you close out a fucking night in case you were wondering.


Clearly, we had a blast and we def plan to do another weekender with Basic Bitches so hopefully we can make it happen and come thrash in a town near you :D

Thanks to everyone else we played with and who helped hook up shows, we really appreciate it!

Some Basic Bitches and Lady Bizness love at the end of the road (photo by Lysa)


Bands, you know the drill, credit me if you post on your social media ;)


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