Tuesday, August 22, 2017


One Day, Two House Shows

True story, I'm never going to give up going to shows or hustling for the shot so this past Saturday I went out to not one, but two house shows. I didn't get pics of every band that played at both shows, but I got some good shit from a bunch of them. Check it out!

Show One:

First stop was way down by the water in South Brooklyn for a Basement Dwellers show. These kids have been putting on all ages house shows for a while there and became part of Punk Island this year too. They are keeping DIY shows and culture alive outside of the "hot" areas of BK and really have an awesome thing going. It was my first time heading down there, and I definitely will be back.

To see the pics larger and to scroll thru more easily, click on any pic and use your arrow keys.

Stick n pokes with Sa'ar

Bedpan Fight old friends of mine and the most sarcastic pop punk you'll find in NYC

Witchslap is an "almost all-girl skater band in Brooklyn" and they'd been on my list to get out to see for a while but I kept missing them cuz of work or other shows. That's also funny because I share a practice space with them for one of my bands haha. Glad I finally made it out and would love to see them again/play with them.

After a fucking raging set, you gotta cool off in the pool!

Damn Broads CT Cunt Punx. They played at Punk Island the last 2 years but somehow I managed to miss them both times. I like how all 3 of them share vocal duties seamlessly throughout their songs

Julio hiding his face but repping the BX

Enziguri feat. guest vocals from Mike of Almost Aimless

Enziguri Bronx hardcore and really rad guys/friends of mine. Their new album "Uptown Boogie Town" is available on Bandcamp and Spotify, you should do yourself a favor and check it out.

A portrait of Mike outside


Show Two:

Next, I made my way back up to Bushwick to a show at a house called The Bronze. I know I wasn't the only one pretending they were hanging with Buffy and the Scooby gang.....hahahaha. I got there a little late and missed one of the bands I wanted to see, and needed a bit of a rest so I didn't take pics of the next two bands, Mean Siders and Wild Moon. They were pretty good so I'd like to see them again and get some shots. My pals Ellen & the Degenerates played last and I got some shots of them. They're always fun to take pics of, they make my job pretty easy haha.

They've got a new 7" out and will be playing a release show on Sat 9/2 at Bushwick Public House, you know I'll be there taking pics hahaha


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