Friday, September 8, 2017


Ellen & the Degenerates EP release

My pals Ellen & the Degenerates recently put out their latest EP "Herb Alert" on What's For Breakfast Records, you can stream it on Spotify like the cool kids do, or nab it on vinyl like the cooler kids do. It's reeeaaaaally good so I highly recommend it. Check out pics I took at the release show last Saturday with pics of the other bands too.

I edited everything and was going to post it sooner, but was being super picky cuz I really wasn't feeling the color versions. Then a little voice in my head said "remember how you want to do some more b/w work? Make some of them b/w and see if you like that better" so I re-edited them and really DID like the b/w better on the few I tried so I made them all b/w! Been a long time since I shot a whole show b/w but I'm happy with the results. I guess the moral of the story is "listen to that little voice in your head" hahaha.

Next time I'm shooting at Bushwick Public House, I have to remember how RED it is in that place and adjust my white balance better or just aim for b/w again (or go nuts and really overly accentuate the red, that's a fun option too!) but this is why I'm constantly shooting at every show I go to so I can push myself to be better, try new things, and adapt to different situations. I'm always chasing that shot cuz I always want to do better. Anyway, before this turns into a huge photo nerd post....enough about the process, take a look at the pics!

To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pic and use your arrow keys.


Aneurysm came down from Boston and was first up for the night. Their FB description lists them as "moderate rock" which, I see what they did there hahaha. Double Nirvana reference with their band name too, I can get down with that! Their sound is hard and grungey punk so they def live up to their name. I'll be DLing some of their stuff for sure.

[side note: I was definitely a fan of their guitarists' hat that said "pay me," hahaha He actually came up and complimented my She Shreds hat too so it was a hat love fest! hahaha I will be sending a close crop of his hat next time someone asks me to work for free or "for the exposure" ::eye roll::]

Next up were my dear friends Sister Munch who have been laying a bit low since coming back from their tour earlier this summer*** They're back with a vengeance with awesome new material, I'm already like "CAN I GET THOSE SONGS ON SPOTIFY????" hahaha so hopefully they'll record those soon so I can have em in my ears whenever I want!

***I think I finally figured out the best way to get the pics from the tour out into the world. I shot soooo many pics along the way (almost 1,400) so it's been overwhelming figuring out the best way to get them out without making some giant insane post.

Posers from Philly were next. They were FULL of energy and really packed a punch on stage. Their music is definitely in the range of "too poppy" for my personal tastes but they really have a tight sound and great energy which made them really fun to shoot. Nothing is worse than a band that just stands there!

The punx of honor, Ellen & the Degenerates, closed out the night and put on a super high energy set as per usual, I've seen them play a lot by now and legit have never seen them not go full force. They cracked open some champagne mid set to celebrate the occasion too because you can't have a record release without some bubbly, duh.

This was also the final BK show with this lineup as their bassist Naomi is departing. She's also in the mighty Basic Bitches who have a tape coming out next week, you know I'll be taking pics at that show too.

Anyway, it was a really great show so I'm glad my cranky ass went, even though I missed the fire trucks that showed up after the bands finished hahaha can't catch it all I guess!

I included these last two separate from the others because I wanted to get a little photo nerd on them hahaha I love the energy, but I'm sad they aren't in sharp focus. There wasn't a lot of light facing away from the stage and the autofocus on my camera was having trouble so I threw it into manual focus....which wasn't much better since my eyes are not what they used to be and I rarely shoot manual focus these days*** especially not in dark fast paced environments like shows. But hey, at least I got the moment. If this were anything other than band photos, I would have scrapped them, but the rules are a little looser here and in the overall context of a photo essay on a high energy punk show, I'd rather have the moment and the intensity included than not so, here you go haha.

***I used to shoot every show with an all manual camera on film, I can hardly believe that these days haha


All photos copyright Kate Hoos. If you use these for social media, cool, but give me a credit plz and a link. For all other uses, or hi-res versions of any of these photos for print usage etc, get in touch for info/rates :D


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