Wednesday, October 25, 2017


September Shows Part 2

Here are some more pics I took last month and earlier this month. I posted some others right before I left town for a few days and said "oh yeah I'm going to post the rest tomorrow" not processing I was leaving for a long weekend of shows with Lady Bizness (pics from that and the EP release will be out soon!) and that I had a bunch more photos than I anticipated going through haha. As (I should have) expected, I had little to no time to edit on the road and also managed to pick up a very nasty cold during our travels. I fought it valiantly through the weekend but the moment we got back, it slammed me into a brick wall so I spent a few days in bed under a pile of cats. No joke, it was the worst cold I've had in a long time! Then stupid life stuff and all that came up. But anyway, here they are so yay!

I had so many photo nerd things to ramble about too but I am aware people probably don't read/look at this blog for me hemming and hawing over the minutiae of my working methodology/photography in general hahaha so I'll spare all that. Maybe when I get a real website, I'll have a little section to blab about photothings haha but for this I'll stick to as many pics as I can for now. I'm leaving for a 3 week tour on 10/30 and when I come back from that (plus family crap for Thanksgiving) that is my number one priority to get a better site up and running.

One thing I will say is a got a new 50mm lens I have been experimenting with and I'm getting some nice results. Going back and forth with it and my 24-120 lens depending on the space I'm working with. I'm also- for the first time really ever (even from when I shot film)- going back and forth and working on sharpening my skills with shooting sans flash. I looooove shooting long exposure with flash, and it works great for DIY shows, but it doesn't work in every setting so I'm trying my hand at doing both methods which you'll start seeing in future posts. I'm also saving up some loot to get some other new lenses to mix into my bag of tricks so hire me to take some pics for you so I can get those goodies sooner (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!)

Really quick before the show pics, I shoot 35mm film a little bit here and there, mostly on shitty crappy plastic cameras I had in my youth (and recently re-acquired from eBay since I lost all of the originals) or on a random low-end SLR I have.  It's mostly random shit I find in my travels in NYC and beyond, street photos and stuff of that nature. No band stuff just yet (maybe I'll get to it though or reach into my film archives for that) I made an IG specifically for that and you can find it at @attentionspanzero I update it a lot at some points and less frequently at others. Just when the mood strikes me. It'd be cool if you gave it a follow :D


One of my pics was in the most recent issue of New Noise Magazine which um FUCK YES! Ellen & the Degenerates  got a write up ahead of their appearance at Fest and one of my pics was included in it. If you like music mags and things like that, look for Issue #35 currently available on the NNM website or at Barnes & Noble 

Alright, let's get to those new pics now!

To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pic and use your arrow keys.

Snatch Attack played the same night as Basic Bitches (see the last post for those pics) and this band is a goddamn FORCE on stage. A feminist, queer, fuzzy punk n roll band, they describe themselves as "the soundtrack for every wet dream" and it is the damn truth! They do not hold back even for an instant and will leave you wanting so much more as soon as their set is over. Seriously one of the best and exciting live bands in NYC right now, get your freak on and go see them ASAP.  

I don't think they have any studio recordings out yet, but I def NEEEEED that in my life! Snatch Attack on the go! 

[pics from Hank's Saloon 9/14/17]

I kept seeing Mary in the mirror and thought it looked really cool so I grabbed a shot of it

Cuz you ain't SHIT unless you're guzzling bourbon on stage, fool!

Tonya Harding aka everyone's favorite muthafuckin femmeslash rock opera on ice! Okay, this show was in October but eh, it's okay, it makes the cut. One of my fav bands to photograph and duh, rock out to, do yourselves a favor and get on their full-length album "Punk Is Dad" (a phrase I knowingly stole and used liberally during Punk Island season, thanks for that! haha) This band is so much fun and has the absolute most punk as fuck name ever. Now I just need to get on forming that (fake) rival band called Nancy Kerrigan hahahahaha

[pics from The Gateway 10/4/17]

World War IX this is one of those bands that was on my list to see for a while because we have lots of mutual band friends but I kept missing them. Thankfully I finally made it out to see them at the beginning of September and I'm glad I did.  With an ethos of "Trash punk. Get drunk" they are irreverent punx who like to drink and have a great presence on stage. I def want to make it out to see them again as soon as I can but sadly I'll be out of town for their next show on 11/11 (also featuring Enziguri and Bedpan Fight) so hopefully not long after that. But hey, go in my place and check it out for me (get more info HERE)

These guys have been around for quite a while now and have a bunch of recordings out, at least one music video (I think more maybe? My brain is fuzzy on that) plus rad artwork as their guitarist is a comic book artist

[pics from Cobra Club 9/9/17]


I've got more goodies to post- which I plan to do BEFORE I hit the road on 10/30, we shall see if I can make it. I have sooo much to do to get ready to leave for 3 weeks, but I will do my best! I will be touring from Utah all the way back to NYC through the Southwest throughout November so I will have A LOT of pics from that when I get back too. So yay! Stay tuned for lots of awesomeness :D :D :D


All photos copyright Kate Hoos. If you use these for social media, cool, but give me a credit plz and a link. For all other uses, or hi-res versions of any of these photos for print usage etc, or if you need a photog for an event or band portraits, drop me a line for info/rates :D

Thursday, October 12, 2017


September Shows Part 1

So I got a bit behind on life and thusly pics so yeah, here are a bunch from last month. I went to some rad shows in Sept and never got to posting the pics; I have a lot of shows coming up too so I kicked my ass in gear to get these posted before I end up even more behind, blah! I have a bunch so I decided to split them into 2 posts and be a dork with them in alphabetical order because who doesn't love alphabetical order??? hahaha I normally like to group them by show but that would have been like 4 different posts so....anyway, it doesn't really matter as long as they get out into the world!

I'm going to post the rest tomorrow from a few more bands. Then stay tuned for pics from the Lady Bizness EP release show, then our mini tour, and after that I'm going on tour for 3 weeks with Overlake to the West Coast and through the South so I will have loooots of pics from that (I'm going to have to reign myself in, I've never been to most of the places we're going so I'm going to get really shutter happy, I know it! I'm also going to tryyyyy to be good and not bring more than 3 cameras...but we shall see, I might not be able to deal with that hahaha)

Anyhoo, lots of pics to follow, take a peek ;)

To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pic and use your arrow keys

Alouth hails from South Brooklyn and have been working to build a house show scene down there which is really impressive. They're also part of the Punk Island collective and run the Basement Dwellers stage. These guys bleed DIY and have great energy, get to a show and check em out for yourselves, tell em Hoos sent ya!

[Top pic/pics 1-4 from Muchmore's 9/5/17, pics 5-6 from Cobra Club 9/9/17]

Basic Bitches are one of my faves, but ya'll already knew that haha. These pics are from Hank's Saloon on 9-14 when they put out their latest, a new tape on What's For Breakfast Records "My Body, My Choice" with "White Bread President" I highly recommend you head to their Bandcamp immediately and download it. The songs are killer and even better, all profits are going directly to Planned Parenthood.

I was playing around with a new lens at this show too so I didn't get quite comfortable with it by the end of their set :/ I used it more for the next set....and you will see who it was in the next post!

Necrotic Society I love this band! Super nice people and kickass political punk that is hard as nails so you know I'm really into it. I also am lucky enough to share a practice space with them. Their bassist Javier has the most intense energy on stage, I love to photograph that guy! I reallllly wanna get a fisheye lens and he is one of the first people I'd want to shoot with it hahaha.

[pics from Muchmore's 9/5/17]

P I N K O  Texas post-hardcore. I hadn't been previously familiar with them but caught them when they passed through Brooklyn on tour. I always forget in other places people have cars and their own gear, not like in NYC where everyone shares all the time haha so I was a little confused when they were setting up all of their own stuff. I did enjoy their set and I would def go check them out again if they came back through, they were fun to shoot and had good tunes (which I still have to DL)

I was playing around a bit for some of their set with a random flashlight to try different things during shooting to see what would happen. I'm not really one to shoot much without flash (starting to work on that though I still greatly prefer flash for smaller/DIY shows over anything else) but the last one I did without flash and just the little flashlight I had with me, came out pretty cool I think.

[pics from Muchmore's 9/5/17]

Red Arkade talk about a band with high energy, I don't think I've seen too many other bands that go as hard as these guys go. Hardcore punk straight outta Queens, these guys give it 110% from start to finish. I def love shooting bands like this, that are so high energy cuz feeding off of that while I'm shooting is a total natural high (getting into major photo nerd-landia here hahaha) and it's like hunting for that perfect shot to nail the intensity. I feel like I've definitely gotten some cool shots of them, but I don't think I've nailed "the one" yet with them (I shot them once before) but that's okay, because I will definitely go back and keep working on it!

[pics from Cobra Club 9/9/17]


Stay tuned cuz I'm going to have a lot more to post over the next several weeks as I traipse around the country! I'm so excited about it and can't wait to see what kind of goodies I can capture on the road :D

All photos copyright Kate Hoos. If you use these for social media, cool, but give me a creidt plz and a link. For all other uses, hi-res versions of any of these photos for print usage etc, or if you need a photog for an event or band portraits, drop me a line for info/rates :D