Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Limpwrist | Philadelphia 2006

Queercore icons Limpwrist played this past Saturday night in Brooklyn. I sadly wasn't at that show, I was working cuz gotta pay that rent! But it made me think of a show I *WAS* at in 2006. I had uncovered these photos not long ago on an old hard drive and was thinking of posting them at some point anyway so when I heard about this show I thought it would be a fun throwback to post them around the same time (I also saw them 2 years ago but I wasn't really shooting shows again at that time so I don't have any pics)

So here are some pics I took down in Philly at the First Unitarian Church. The files say June 23rd 2006....I am trying to remember who else played that night....I'm pretty sure Witch Hunt was one of them, but my files from back then are a bit of a mess so I haven't come across those yet (it's a miracle I found these hahaha) Once I come across them, I'll post those too. [PS can anyone point me to a place to DL Witch Hunt's music???]

This was one of the most energetic and sweaty shows I ever went to (as was the other Limpwrist show from 2 years ago) but I was pretty lucky to get that spot on the edge of the stage so it was easy to stay alert and not get caught up in the pit and still be able to get some rad shots. I shot Gossip from that same angle there, I believe also in 2006. I'll def get those posted at some point along with lots of other shows of them, I saw them a ton in their early days. I have so many things to organize in my archives, both digital and tons of film but I'll eventually get more fun stuff out into the light of day. I regret not having a better filing system back then, but I'll sort it all out because I didn't have an outlet for a lot of those pics back in the day and they really should be out in the world! Anyway, here are the pics from that night, enjoy :D

To see the pics larger (and sharper) or to scroll through more easily, click on any pic and use your arrow keys

This one always made me laugh hahahaha I mean, an ass crack pic from a Limpwrist show is pretty fitting.

I wish I had more from that night! I'll def dig around for the other bands. I also mean just in general because I was just coming off of shooting film exclusively around that time, and also memory cards weren't as big as they are now, so I know I was definitely more conservative with the number of pics I was shooting at that time. I still believe in good and tight editing haha but it is nicer now to be able to shoot a wider swath of stuff to choose from.


All photos copyright Kate Hoos. If you use these for social media, cool, but give me a credit plz and a link. For all other uses, or hi-res versions of any of these photos for print usage etc, or if you need a photog for an event or band portraits, drop me a line for info/rates :D


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