Thursday, December 6, 2018


Downtown Boys @ Market Hotel

Downtown Boys came to NYC last weekend to play 3 sold out shows with Mitski at Brooklyn Steel and also found time to stop by Market Hotel on Friday night after their BK Steel show to play a benefit for New York Abortion Access Fund. I had to work in Manhattan until 10pm so I missed a good portion of the show sadly which meant not getting to see Ohyung or Material Support but I got there as soon as I could and saw the very end of Choked Up's set. Downtown Boys hit the stage last and gave a blistering and intense set; their energy was so high, you'd never know they had ripped another set just a few hours earlier, holy shit! Franklin from Algiers (who played with DTB earlier in the week) also joined them onstage for a raging rendition of "Monstro" which was an awesome surprise. The audience and the band melded as one giant frenzy throughout the show, with the crowd on the stage and the band in the crowd trading off in pure bliss.

With abortion rights and access to reproductive care under near constant attack, it is so vital that these organizations exist and thrive so cheers to all of these bands who donated their time and talent to help give back to the community (if you missed the show and would like to donate, click on the link above) This is so important, now more than ever, because we can never rest for a moment and let the Trumpster trash gain even an inch in this fight, not one inch! Also very fittingly, the death of George HW Bush was announced in the middle of the show. Bush being a man who, along with his right wing cronies, fought for years to restrict access to abortion so good fucking riddance to that asshole!

This night definitely served as a reminder to me that in dark times, sometimes a rager punk show is just what you need to give you hope and keep you going for another day...  <3 p="">


My pics and write up from Monday 11/26/18 when DTB played at the always wonderful DIY oasis Willimantic Records can be found right here at Impose Magazine. 

Choked Up has a show this Saturday 12/8 at Cobra Club in BK. Details HERE.
Material Support is playing a benefit for Punk Island on Friday 1/4/19 at Sunnyvale. Details HERE.
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