Monday, December 17, 2018


Leftover Crack @ Brooklyn Bazaar

Leftover Crack are NYC punk legends, but you knew that already so they need no introduction. They made a hometown stop on their most recent tour, promoting their most recent release "Leftover Leftover Crack: The E-Sides and F-Sides," hitting Brooklyn Bazaar on a cold Sunday night rip it up for a sold out crowd. Work on Monday? Who fucking cares! This crowd certainly didn't and went full force. Their shows are never anything less than 100% intense and this one was obviously no exception; I think I probably lost 5 pounds in sweat alone just during their set, for real! My band Cop/Out was also on the bill (we were up 2nd) along with (A) Truth, Crazy & the Brains, and Negative Approach, which is an INCREDIBLE lineup. I feel really lucky to have been on such a rad bill so much love to LOC and Scenic Presents for the shot.

I didn't take pics of most of the night because I was totally in "musician" mode for the first part of things so my brain wasn't in a photo mode. After we finished our set I needed a bit to cool off and come down from the buzz of playing so I didn't really start shooting til Negative Approach played...and my lens immediately fogged up since the glass was still cold and the room was already pretty steamy by that point haha. So consequently I only have 2 pics of them, but I hit my stride by time LOC was on (tho more lens fogging got me later as the room got even hotter!) I've shot a ton of shows over the years but have to say crazy lens fog like that was a first for me. Anyway, keep scrolling to get a look at my pics and for a more complete look and feel for the night, head to Dying Scene for more pics of all of the bands and a write up by our pal Jeff.


I shot LOC in Tompkins Square Park last summer, have a look-see at those pics HERE. Fun fact, I actually sweat waaaay more at this indoor winter time show than at the outdoor summer show haha.


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I was cooling off after our set and talking to a friend when I was like...."um I think that's J Mascis over there" but didn't completely believe it. Turned out it was true and he was there to play a few songs with Negative Approach towards the end of their set. Not only was this my first time playing a sold out show, but def did not think I'd be on the same stage as someone like him in the same night, holy shit! Yeah, pretty cool :) I regret not picking up their Linda Blair/Exorcist inspired t-shirt but next time I will be sure to acquire one of those badass gems!

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