Thursday, January 31, 2019


Daddy Issues | Leggy | Desert Sharks @ Baby's All Right

This winter has been a tough one for me so far and I have not felt very inclined to leave the house much except for work or to give guitar lessons but this was DEFINITELY a show I was going to move my ass for, and move my ass I did. I bundled myself up, grabbed my camera bag, trundled down to Brooklyn and was not at all sorry that I did. This was a killer lineup, and I had yet to see Daddy Issues (I was shooting DFA 1979 the night DI was in BK last) so I was not gonna miss it. An added bonus was that lots of friends were there too, so it was for sure a nice reprieve from the cold gloom of winter and the anxiety of preparations for Cop/Out's upcoming tour. Nothing like leaving home for a month to make you want to stay in as much as possible in the meantime, but luckily this show broke the spell for me for the night!

Keep scrolling to take a look at my pics and read some randomness : )

Desert Sharks kicked off the night and fuck, there is definitely a reason why they are one of my favorite bands! In addition to killer chops, they have such high energy and really make me work for the shot, which of course CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! This is the first time I've shot this band indoors without a speedlight (I shot them on my stage at Punk Island last year sans flash but it was a bright outdoor setting so that doesn't really count) and I've done primary long exposure stuff while shooting them in the past, but I've been working on shooting less with flash and working with light/dark more so I was pretty pleased with the results sans flash from the night. Anyway...more importantly, they have a full length coming out sometime this year and I am really excited for that! Not sure of a time frame on that so do yourself a favor and keep an eye on their social media for announcements pertaining to that because you are not going to want to miss getting that in your ears.

Their next shows are Friday 2/1 at Alphaville and 3/11 at the Knitting Factory with Gymshorts and Thick. I have to miss both of these shows because of work and not being home yet from tour for the KF one but YOU should go in my place! (really bummed about the 3/11 show especially because that lineup is siiiiick)

Leggy hit the stage next and I have to admit they were the band I was least familiar with before this show. I'd heard the name a few times but had not had a chance to listen to them prior to seeing them play. Which I realize now was a mistake because I very much enjoyed their set of fuzzy, reverby gems and have been catching up on their past releases on Spotify since the show. They have a new single out now "Eden" (read a review HERE) from their forthcoming album "Let Me Know Your Moon" due out March 8th, which I am very eager to listen to when it drops. I hope this also means a return to NYC soon for them because I def want to see them play again ASAP. 

They hail from Cincinnati as does the magic and wonderful Lung who are one of my all time favorites (they are also some of the nicest and hardest working folks in DIY music right now. For real) I'd be so ecstatic if they came to NYC together, so I'm just going to send out some big vibes into the universe for that to happen because that would make me really, really, happy : )

I've been wanting to catch Daddy Issues live for a bit now and had yet to make it happen. As mentioned before, I was shooting another show the last time they came to NYC and I'm sure I was probably working the time before that. But in any case, I'm glad I finally made it out because it was well worth the wait. I've been rocking their 2017 release "Deep Dream" quite a bit lately and they hit plenty of tracks from it during their set along with some other choice cuts. They had a very busy 2018 touring a bunch in both the US and the UK, as well as putting out an Audiotree live release (available on their Spotify). Hopefully 2019 will see some new music and a return to NYC for them because I am so here for all of that. I absolutely want to make their next NYC a priority to be at, work or other shows be damned!

Highlights from their set def include their drummer telling anyone who doesn't believe survivors to get the fuck out (for fucking real GTFOOOOO of everywhere please) and their dreamy cover of the 1984 hit by Don Henley "Boys Of Summer" I've always been a fan of big revampings of songs for covers as opposed to exact copies and they knocked this one out of the park. In that vein...come to a Cop/Out show sometime to see us play Adele at a tempo you never thought possible for a song by a pop diva before....



---I mentioned my band is going on tour and yes it's true, you read correctly! We will be opening for Leftover Crack for a month from Seattle to Miami and if you want to keep up with what we're doing along the way,  you can keep up with our shit on my personal IG and the band's IG. I'll post a lot of shit in my story so that is the place to look if you wanna see the antics! Doing a tour diary is going to be unlikely since I hate writing and editing in the van and we have super early load ins every day....but maybe you never know!

---I'm still not super in love with the current layout of this shit...better than it was before but still feel it could be better (and I can't figure out for the life of me getting the social media widgets to work) so it very well may change again soon. Eventually I will bring this up to 2019 standards but for will continue to languish in 2010 lulz! Do other people in their late 30s also have a super weird relationship with technology, like we missed the boat on things cuz stuff was so rudimentary when we were young so we never learned how to use it very well or got comfortable with it, or is it just me? Maybe it's just me....


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Thursday, January 24, 2019


Winter Punx

The cold weather has been getting me down and leaving me not wanting to do a hell of a lot. So naturally that means I've been sulking a little because who doesn't love sulking in their PJs, covered in a pile of sleeping cats, while whining that it's too cold to go out and do anything? SIGN ME UP FOR THAT! Though when I saw this show was coming up, I said to myself "snap out of it" and "get your ass to this because you love these bands and they're your friends, cold weather be damned!" That is just what I did on a rainy chilly ass night. And it was worth it, I love my friends and the music they make!

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Winter Wolf has been on my list for a while to shoot but every time I've seen them previously, I had also been playing so I didn't always bring my camera (and sometimes I just need a break so I stay only in the "performing" headspace) and I've just missed them a bunch of other times due to work and stuff coming up. One exception was at Punk Island 2018 where I did manage to quickly fire off a few shots and you can take a look HERE at pics of them as well as a bunch of rad pics from the fest by me and my pal Stephanie (who is also an amazing music photog)

This is a band with so much energy (and that bright green bass!) that I knew I had to get some long exposure jams of them. Unfortunately for me it was not to be at this particular show because I got my wires crossed and thought music started later than it actually did so I sadly missed almost their entire set, ugh! I got there for the very last song and quickly ran up to fire off some shots. I didn't really have time to assess and get into the LE vibe though so I just went for more standard shots. No matter, I was happy with what I got and hey, just an excuse to get back to a show when I can!

They may only have 2 members but they have a HUGE stage presence, both of them have sick chops, and they have a sound that is just as HUGE. I have always loved 2 piece bands (and have played in a few myself) and how wonderfully they work with the "limitations" (a matter of opinion that I do not agree with, obviously) of not having a full band. WW is no exception and singer/bassist Jehliel plays crunchy chords all while CRANKING the hell out of his amp (which is a guitar amp not a bass amp for even more high end and gain) and runs some sick distortion on top of all of that for a tonal nastiness (of the best variety) that will knock on your damn ass. This is the realest kind of punk rock to me, that takes risks, thinks outside the box, and doesn't let you ignore it even if you tried.

The very best way to experience this band is live and in your face but in the meantime, they have several tracks on their Soundcloud.

Sister Munch is the band I have seen and def photographed the most over the last few years; I've also toured with them AND played some really rad shows too in both of my bands (and my old band shared a drummer with them for a while too) So safe to say they are some of my favorite people in this here punk scene and on the entire planet. I've loved a lot of moments along the way- tour memories in particular and also when they opened for War On Women twice last year- but I think my favorite memory with them is when their singer and drummer- Mel and Emily- formed an all lady Minor Threat cover band with me and our friend Tasha for Halloween this past year, Salad Daze, and yes we all wore veggie themed costumes on stage! What a blast that was ripping those hardcore classics with those grrrls! One of my 2018 highlights for SURE.... perhaps we will do it again sometime.....

SM has a few EPs up on their Bandcamp and you already know I'm a fan with these jams in regular rotation.

Lady Bits are some of my fav grrrls and I've also played tons of shows with them over the last few years. This was their first show of 2019 and they were sporting some killer new tunes and a fresh lineup as well with the addition of a new bass player. I loved the new songs and am really excited for when they get in the studio and lay those tracks down. They also played plenty of my faves from their latest release as well, 2018's standout Quitter; I highly recommend you click that link and DL it for yourself (and you'll get an extra song vs streaming it on Spotify!)

And true story, I once played a cupcake in one of their music videos!

Necrotic Society aka even more rad friends were up next. They play fierce political hardcore, just the way I like it! And I am a sucker for any bands with lefty guitarists in them because well us lefties make everything better ha! Also another true story, I used to share a practice space with NS, LB, and SM so this night was a little punk family reunion of sorts, I only wish I could have played such a badass night, but it was rad supporting and getting to take pics too : )

NS has been working on new music and are in process of working on a new full length (though I'm not sure when it's going to be out yet but my hope is very soon!) In the meantime, they have their first LP up on their Bandcamp and I also highly recommend it. I had it on CD but wore it out listening to it so many times in my car!


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