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Punk Island 2019 Benefit ft. Soul Glo | All Torn Up! | Material Support | Alouth

Punk Island kicked off 2019 with a fundraising blowout at Sunnyvale the first weekend of January featuring a sick lineup of hardcore bands- Alouth, Material Support, All Torn Up!, and Soul Glo. If you're not familiar with Punk Island, it is an all ages, all day, all FREE outdoor DIY punk rock festival that takes place every June in NYC. This will be my fourth year organizing a stage at the fest (under what name? You guessed it- Hoosatron!) so it is something that is very near and dear to my heart! We're going into our 12th year and in order to keep it free, we host benefit shows throughout the year to offset the expenses and not have to sell tickets. 

Here is a blurb to give you an idea of what we are all about:

""Punk Island is led by a collective of artists, curators, musicians, and educators whose goal is to bring the vitality, diversity, and intensity of the various NYC punk scenes together and into the light of day.
We are a community of punks who love music and the fans, friends, and family that participate throughout the year to keep the culture true to the lives we want to live. 

We aim to support a philosophy of creativity and rebellion and we work to feed those who are hungry for a world where passion is valued over profit. We promote counter-culture through our collective, art, music, writing, and events. Punk Island's efforts culminate annually as a free, all ages, music festival every June. As a not for profit organization we are funded by Make Music New York, the collective, and the community.""

To keep up with what we've got going on, info on the fest,  and future benefits check out our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 

Also please go ahead and "like/follow" all of these bands on their various social media platforms so you can keep up with them. DL their music, buy their merch, and most importantly GO TO THEIR SHOWS! Punk/Hardcore/DIY culture only stays alive if we keep it alive so support the artists who are out there making it happen ESPECIALLY the ones who have shit to say and a political message in their music. 

Keep scrolling for pics and a little bit on each band : )

Hardcore sludge punx Alouth- who are also the driving force behind the Basement Dwellers collective and stage at PI- were up first and ripped the night wide open, firing on all cylinders from start to finish with heavy as fuck riffs and a whole new set (since I last saw them anyway) of material. They've been working hard the last few years and in particular the last year, helping organize a huge amount of shows in BK, putting out a split release with fellow BK band Swinging Riot, and starting to build their following out of NYC. Next up they have an new EP coming out on 2/1 and they'll be playing a release show the same day with Enziguri, Ugly, Sick Minds, and Burn The Skies. Find more info HERE and make sure get yourself to the show!

Material Support is one of the most powerful political bands out there and tore it up with yet another incredible set. They are a band with not only a message but the community activism to back it up (Singer Jackie spoke on stage about starting a Queens Cop Watch group so get in touch on their FB band page if you're in Queens and want to be a part!) and for that and so many other reasons, we LOVE this band at PI; they are 2016 alums and share 2 members with another amazing Pinoy punk band Namatay Sa Ingay who are 2014 alums. They had a big year in 2018, putting out their first full length "Terror Prone Nation"on Aklasan Records and playing Break Free Fest among a slew of other shows. Speaking of shows, they have a show this Thursday 1/17 at the Glove along with Iron Cages from DC and Church Clothes. More info HERE, make sure you're there!

Soul Glo hail from Philly and hit the stage with an absolutely crushing experimental take on hardcore (hell yes, musically right up my alley!) SG have never played Punk Island but are alums of Break Free Fest. And they are a band I definitely had on my list for a while to see but kept missing whenever they were in NYC (because of work mostly) and I sadly hadn't been able to line up one of their shows with one of my visits to Philly last year. I'm so glad I finally got to see them because they were worth the wait and did not disappoint!

Their music is unapologeticaly political- their self titled LP from 2016 is still one of the most important releases to come out in the last few years. It is full of potent bangers such "Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported," "Son Of A Gun," "5," and introspective with songs like "But Fucking Why?" Every song pushes you to examine the world around you, every song doesn't let you forget how fucked up shit is and each and every one of them does not let you look away from the images they are confronting you with. This will not be a comfortable picture flickering through your head nor should it be. The question you should then be asking after leaving one of their shows is what are you going to do with that?

I really hope we can line up our schedules to have them as part of Punk Island 2019 because I can think of very few other bands we need more than them right now. They have upcoming tour dates coming up in Greenville, NC and Atlanta and I for one can not wait til they are back in NYC. In the meantime, I highly highly recommend their LP (which includes 7 new songs as well as the songs from their 2014 self titled release) and Tour Tape 2k18 which are available to DL on Bandcamp or you can nab a copy on vinyl at shows or from SRA Records.

All Torn Up! closed out the night, giving a raging performance to celebrate their 10 year anniversary as a band. 10 years is a really impressive run for a band when so many bands come and go all the time, a mere flash in the pan. ATU is anything but and are one of the most intense political bands to ever play in the NYC scene, period. They never shy away from getting right in your face. In that decade long span, they have done some amazing things including touring Europe with Leftover Crack and playing tons of benefits for the community, this show being but one of dozens over the years. In the second half of 2018 they also shared the stage with punk legends Subhumans and played multiple shows with War On Women.

It is so refreshing that they have been able to maintain this passion and drive for all these years and that they have remained true to their words and message. They are never watered down or polite about what they have to say and in drawing attention to the fucked up shit that plagues this country and this world. Where other bands have given up or gone away, ATU has continued to rage, continued to push the boundaries and put the ugly injustices in this world right out in the open for all to see. And if you didn't know, ATU and Dispatches From The Underground aka the podcast run by Joey their frontman, are a HUGE part of the PI family. Dispatches has been a presence at the fest for many years and have done so much to make the event a success year after year.

I am also lucky enough to be able to share the stage with Joey (in our band Cop/Out) who is one of the best frontman and performers in all of NYC, period. They are working on new material at the moment so likely won't be gigging as much this winter but I always love going to their shows so I hope they will be up on stage again very soon! 


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