Saturday, May 18, 2019


HIRS Collective | Coherence | Choked Up @ El Cortez

HIRS Collective came to BK two nights ago and absolutely toooooreeeee it the fuck up! They ripped a hole right in middle of my sadness and angst- HOLY FUCK, it was just what I needed!

Their message is clear and unapologetic "The HIRS Collective exist to fight for, defend, and celebrate the survival of trans, queer, black, women and any and all other folks who have to constantly face violence, marginalization, and oppression. We are a collective of freaks, faggots, friends, lovers, and favorites that will never stop existing. Infinite and never ending. No one is going to kill us, we are going to live forever. TRANS, QUEER, anti-authoritarian, bullshit thrash with PUNK ethics to destroy capitalist misogynist scum and empower WOMEN, POC, and the LGBTQIA community..."
and their sound is brilliantly volatile.

There is no containing the radical energy they bring and while they seem ready to burst apart at the seams at any moment, they are tight as fuck, a full on queer punk frenzied explosion. They began their set by declaring that this show and every show they do is for "every trans woman who has ever existed, exist now, or will ever exist" and immediately launched into a brutal, thrashy fury. It was over in the blink of an eye but they packed a ton of songs into a scant 15 minutes, with the crowd dancing and moshing heartily til they were a smiling bundle of sweaty absolute queer punk joy.

Their latest release "Friends. Lovers. Favorites" features a slew of collaborations from the likes of Laura Jane Grace, Alice Bag, Shirley Manson, Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females), Martin Crudo (Los Crudos, Limp Wrist) and many many more. You can find it on Get Better Records- which if you don't know is an incredible queer owned and operated label out of Philly that is putting out some crucially important music that you NEED to hear including releases by every band on this show.

Scroll down to see more pics of them as well as of openers Choked Up and Coherence. If you aren't already listening to and supporting all of these bands, GET TO IT because you are missing out!

Also can we talk about how amazing the flyer for this show was?! Made by Cristy Road of Choked Up, I fucking love it! Check out her site for more work and for her store to buy some stuff and support her!

Coherence- is anti-cop, anti-colonial, anti-white supremacy punk from Oakland with definite emo and hardcore influence for a nuanced and layered sound. They formed because "the punk and hardcore community has long struggled with being a safe home for people of color and queer folks, and we started this band with the intent of joining the powerful lineage of artists and musicians who refuse to be invisible and cede their space to privileged bodies" And I for one need so much more of this in my life, the punk and DIY communities sorely need it too. There are plenty of white cis dude bands out there and it's so so tiresome, yawwwwn! Coherence was def a much needed jolt to my system.

They are currently on an East Coast run with HIRS I was stoked to get to see them as I had not previously. The Bay Area has such incredible bands (and has for a long time. Coherence also shares members with several other bands as well) and I always wish all of them would be able to come out to NYC more often...or I could just go hang out and catch a bunch of shows then come home from time to time...I want to figure out how to make both of those things happen ha! Anyway, if you haven't given this band a listen yet, they've got a few releases up on their Bandcamp and their full length "Of Alternate Spaces" (also on Get Better Records) is streaming on Spotify. I highly recommend it, my fave tracks being "Representative Body,"and "Lifeclock" They'll be making the following stops on the rest of their tour so go see them if you're in one of these places:

5/18- DC
5/20- Greensboro
5/21- Columbus
5/22- Chicago
5/23- Detroit
5/24- Pittsburgh

I always love going to see Choked Up not only because they are a rad band and put on an awesome show, but are also super rad humans. Describing themselves as a pop-punk telenova about reclaiming your heart during fascism, they are exactly what we need to survive in this nightmare world we are living in. They serve as a refreshing reminder that not everything and everyone is morally bankrupt and it's okay to have feelings -lots of feelings- about the shit trying to keep us down. They sing in English and Spanish about "crushing in the dystopia and reclaiming your brain and body from trauma" and have a 5 song EP currently out on Get Better with a full length in the works for (hopefully!) later this year.

Though NYC is their hometown, they were also on tour and had done a string of dates before this hometown show, then immediately after it was over, they jumped in the van and rolled up to Montreal for Pouzza Fest. It was honestly super tempting to just jump in and ride up there with them but alas, I had to stay home to work but maybe next time! I also just did a super fun photoshoot with them before they left for tour that may or may not have involved their guitarist Rachel and I getting charged at by a rogue goose......we survived in any case but watch out for angry water fowl if you now what's good for you!


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