Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Control Top | Soul Glo | Carrion Spring @ Mercury Lounge

I've found myself in Manhattan a lot for shows lately and this one was a night I definitely didn't want to miss. I first heard Control Top in April when they opened for Laura Jane Grace and was just blown away. I then saw them again a month or so later opening for Tacocat. It was definitely rad getting to see them open for other artists I love but def wanted to be sure I was there for this one which was their very first headlining show in NYC. And the fact that Soul Glo was also playing also made me make absolutely sure I had no other commitments that night! Along with opener Carrion Spring (on tour from Portland) this was a night that did not lack for a moment in intensity and bands that are incredible from a photographic stand point as well (because really, that's part of what I love about shows too, not just the sick music)

Keep scrolling down to see more pics from the show. All 3 of these bands have brand new music out (all of which is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, or in physical form at their shows) so make sure listening and that you're keeping them on your radar for when they're playing again in NYC (which I conveniently give you links to below, ha!)


Carrion Spring opened up the night and while I have never been much of a screamo fan, CS just might have made a convert out of me with their blazing set, intricate riffs and incredible stage presence. They fired on all cylinders start to finish and were incredible to photograph as well. They have a new self titled album out now and I'm going to take a listen to that when I'm on tour this coming week and you should too then we can talk about it!


Soul Glo I am left reeling after every time I see them perform, they are seriously that good. I sadly missed their last NYC show as I was out of town so I was glad to see them at this show and they just fucking blew everyone in that room away. One of the most powerful bands making music today, their new album "The N**** In Me Is Me" is hands down one of the best albums of 2019, if you haven't listened to it yet then really what the hell is keeping you??? They'll be back in NYC on 9/10 opening for Subhumans at Kingsland along with Material Support and FEA which is a sick lineup (trying to be at this one, we shall see what work allows since we are busy again in Sept!)


Control Top absolutely killed it in at this show, big congrats to them for their first headlining gig in New York! I have been listening to their new album "Covert Contracts" a toooon since April and you really need to get that record in your ears! They are growing to become one of my favorite bands and I am so in awe of all of the skill each of them bring to their respective instruments. I just want to study everything it is about their style to improve my own playing- as a guitarist cuz damn those riffs and as a bassist cuz damn that distorted tone, but also listening to the way Alex plays drums and the sheer power they have especially seeing them playing live, it's really making me miss playing drums so much. Anywayyyyy, they'll be at Elsewhere on 8/15 opening for Hunx & His Punx (I'll sadly have to miss this one) and have a packed touring schedule which will see them hitting the road for dates with Ted Leo and later with Titus Andronicus before returning to NYC in October for OctFest. Besides CT the fest has an incredible lineup (Mogwai, Screaming Females, Metz, Priests and more) and I most def AM trying to arrange shooting that, send good vibes!


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