Thursday, December 26, 2019


Surfbort | Bodega | Weeping Icon @ Market Hotel

Surfbort hit the stage at Market Hotel on Friday 12/20 for a sweaty and fucking crazy show that made me forget it was cold as all hell outside and that I was exhausted from my crazy busy schedule lately. They are one of the best live bands out there and I'm glad the stars aligned so I could shoot this show (because I always seem to be working when they are playing in NYC ugh, such is the life of working mostly nights) They ripped thru a set of tons of my favorites and Dani's mom was onhand to sing backup on a few songs as well. When they went into "45" it was particularly awesome considering the wonderful news of Agent Orange President Cheeto's impeachment 2 days prior. So sick of that asshat racist fuck indeed.

Also near the end of the set a crowd killing jerk was called out by Dani and told to get the fuck out of the pit and go to the back, I'm paraphrasing here but the gist was basically "yeah you can't fight with women, go away, go to the back" since he seemed to think it was cool to take up all the space in the front and shove women around. FUCK YEAH to calling that shit out and not tolerating it. We definitely need more bands who are willing to say something when they see that shit from stage to call it out and stop it in it's tracks so EVERYONE at a show can have a safe and fun time, not just fucking dudebros.

I was also stoked to see the 2 openers because I've been listening to Weeping Icon's new s/t record a lot and had been wanting to see them for a while (but also kept missing them because of work). It was worth the wait because they did did not disappoint with a really sick set of some dark wave gems. And the cherry on top was finally catching Bodega, who I also have been really wanting to see/shoot and had not yet. They played a killer set- that may or may not have involved a bleeding drummer- and packed a fuck ton of energy into 45 minutes. Not sure I can keep justifying missing shows by any of these bands so you can bet I'll be on the lookout for their next gigs...and maybe I can try to plan my work schedule around them when possible. Working nights it and hate it hahaha.

Anyway, suffice it to say, this show was a much needed oasis after a long run of working almost every night for weeks on end and I'm glad I was there because it really helped renew my energy to be able to push through the holidays with the fam (hahahahaha ugh) And now enough outta me, I'll let the pics speak for themselves, so scroll thru for a look-see!








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